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MANPREP usage:

manprep [input file] [output file] [-l | -l ]

MANPREP converts a text file formatted for a "generic" printer
to a file formatted for on-line viewing. I call the program
MANPREP in honor of the micro-MAN program written by David L. Rick.

Most public domain programs are accompanied by a documentation
file. This file is often formatted to print with proper
page spacing on a generic 66 line/page printer. Blank lines
are used to format the document. Although convenient for
printing, these blank lines are a nuisance when viewing
the documentation on-line. Another common problem is the
use of backspaces to force overprinting.

MANPREP reads the input file (or stdin), checks each line
for printable characters, and passes at most -l (default
2) adjacent blank lines to the output file (or stdout).
MANPREP checks for backspace characters (ASCII 8) and if
found removes all backspaces and the character preceding
each one.

MANPREP does not perform any magic with file names. Specifying
no output file defaults to stdout (the console in most
cases). Specifying the same input and output files
generates an error message. You must manage all the
deleting, copying, and/or renaming of files. A batch file
to automate the process might be:

manprep %1.doc %1.vid
if errorlevel 1 goto abort
del %1.doc
ren %1.vid %1.doc

or, to save the old version with the extension "prn" :

manprep %1.doc %1.vid
if errorlevel 1 goto abort
ren %1.doc ren %1.prn
ren %1.vid %1.doc

I often use the default output, stdout, to check the
results before creating an output file. If things
look ok, just hit ^C to abort MANPREP and reissue
the command with the desired output file.


Francis X. Guidry
2044 Mallard Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Copyright 1987 Francis X. Guidry
All Rights Reserved

Licensed for any use except distribution for profit.

You use this program at your own risk.

No warranty is expressed or implied. The author accepts
no liability for any loss or damage due to use of this

Revision history:

1.1 - 14 December 1987 - Add backspace filter,
remove special handling for form feed.

1.0 - 25 November 1987 - Original release.