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Black Magic Hypertext authroing tool v.15 [3/3].
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Black Magic Hypertext authroing tool v.15 [3/3].
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARCE.COM 5120 3831 deflated
FLOPPY.BAT 2100 761 deflated
INSTALLM.BAT 1167 523 deflated
MAGDEMO.ZIP 86192 83715 deflated
MAGREAD.ZIP 110086 108648 deflated
README 1304 748 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Please Feel Free to distribute this to friends and Upload it onto Bulletin
Boards around the World. No Charge may be put upon the distribution of
MAGREAD. NTERGAID has its own HyperBoard for the exchange of Hypertext
Documents at (203)-366-5698. At a time when the capabilities of Black Magic
expand, sooner than you think, it may be neccessary to obtain a new version
from this number.
Thank You...

The Files in MAGREAD.ARC and MAGDEMO.ARC come to about 720K on a harddisk. If
You Include the ARC files themself then you'll need 1.2 Meg on you harddisk.
If you need to use less disk space then first unarc only files MAGREAD.*
Then unarc the files in one of the groups specified in MAGREAD.DOC out of
MAGDEMO.ARC into your FILES subdirectory

Some Computer setups have incurred a lock up of the program before it gets
started. This is due to a setup of a mouse interface on a system that is
not using MOUSE.COM but for some reason is using some alternative program in
its place(mouse driver or other). As a remedy for this add the command
'-NOMOUSE' on the command line when starting MAGREAD. (See below example)

C:\MAGIC>magread -nomouse

Known culprits are computers with CGA emulation graphics. Some COMPAC's have
this problem.

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