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Date/time stamped notes V1.3 PC-Write format.
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Date/time stamped notes V1.3 PC-Write format.
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Version 1.3

User note's for LOG, a simple diary

Copyright 1987 by Darren K. Henderson

LOG provides a simple means of maintaining a personnel log/diary. Each entry

that you make is time and date stamped. Some PC-Write (c) formatting
information is placed in the file as it is created but it is very unobtrusive.
PC-Write (c) is not required for the use of this program. When you start LOG
you will be prompted for text lines. You are free to edit these lines as you
see fit - most of the common keys work as expected. You will be prompted until
you press on a line in which no characters were entered. If you want a
blank line type a space before pressing . Remember - this is NOT a text
editor in and of itself. After you press a line and press the key you
can not go back. Each entry you make is appended to the specified log file if
it exists. If the log file dose not exist one will be created.

The LOG file is a simple ASCII text file that can be viewed and manipulated by
any program that is ment to do so. LOG simply appends information to the end
of a file (if it exists) along with a time and date stamp.


Format of command LOG [file-name[.extension]]

if you do not specify a file name than the file
"NOTELOG" will be created.

if you do not give an extension ".LOG" will be


You are free to distribute this program and documentation as a whole. You may
not sell this package or any portion there in for profit. No guarantees are
made as to the suitability, utility, or operation of this software. I will not
be held responsible for any damages caused by the use of this software. You
may not include this program as part of any commercial package with out
written consent of the author.

If you find this program useful please drop me a post card, (something with a
picture on it people - regular postal cards are so boring!), it would be
appreciated and would indicate to me whether further development of this
program is warranted.

Darren K. Henderson
PO Box 207
Madison, Maine 04950

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