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NOT Buerg's lister, another that replaces DOS TYPE.

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LIST version 1.05, 4-26-93.
.....LIST.exe is a text file viewer that
replaces the DOS TYPE command. It has
screen paging built-in, allows multiple
files to be viewed on a command line, and
you can even use wildcard characters....

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NOT Buerg’s lister, another that replaces DOS TYPE.
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Contents of the LIST.DOC file

* LIST.exe version 1.05 documentation 4-26-93 *

"LIST" is, simply put, a replacement for the DOS "TYPE" command.
With "LIST" you can view multiple text files, have automatic screen paging,
and the ability to use the wildcard characters "*" and "?".

"LIST" is very simple to use. Example:

Let's say you have the three files: AUTOEXEC.BAT,
.....and you would like to see what is in each of these by displaying
them on the monitor screen. If you were to use the "TYPE" command,
you would have to type:


just to display these three files (the " | MORE" in each of the above
commands assumes that the files are larger than one screen full of text
and would scroll off the top of the computer screen without pausing after
each 'page' or screen of text).

The same files viewed with "LIST" would be:

*or* LIST AUTOEXEC.BAT AUTOEXEC.BAK AUTOEXEC.OLD you would have automatic pausing after each full screen
of text (no need to use " | MORE"), and after each page of displayed text
you have two options: 1) press the key to continue displaying
current file, or 2) press the key to stop displaying the current file
and begin displaying the next file (if there are no more files to
display, the key will exit the program and return you to the DOS
command line). As you can see above, "LIST" also accepts multiple files
from the command line.....
Using to exit from LIST will take you back to the DOS prompt.


This program is brought to you through the concept of shareware.
You are free to copy and distribute this program as long as you include
all the files within the distribution .ZIP file (without modification
of those files). I reserve all rights to LIST.EXE and its distribution
files, LIST is copywrited.
This version of LIST is fully functional, not a crippled version
requiring you to register in order to receive a fully working copy.....
I do ask that if you find LIST useful, please contact me either
through e-mail or US mail and give some general information about
yourself (name, city, state, BBSs you call) and possibly $1 or $2 for
the program.....the money is not a requirement. Only send what you are
comfortable with, but please do contact me. All information will be
kept confidential. By giving me this information, I can make sure
any new versions or programs I create will be distributed to an area
near you (or to you if you give me an address).
Please also include any ideas for utilities or games you would
like to see .....if there is enough of a request for a program I'll do
what I can to write it....

I can be contacted at the following:

US mail address:
Steve Krispli
7544 Market Street Apt#1-23
Youngstown, Ohio 44512

Support Boards:
Rusty and Eddie's BBS: (216) 726-2620
Fred Martin's BBS: (216) 783-9632
G-net (ASP BBS): (216) 782-6135

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or comments.....

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