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Create mailing labels quickly and interactively.
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Create mailing labels quickly and interactively.
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LABELS21.COM - Written By: Amram E. Dworkin
------------ PC Programmer
Potomac ADP
6006 Executive Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20852

LABELS21 is a mini filing system to allow creation, editting, and printing
of labels on a PC. The features implemented are as follows:
1) Create New Labels
2) Update (Edit) Previously Stored Labels
3) Print Labels
4) List Labels
5) Delete Labels
6) Envelope Printing
All Features are accessible from the main menu and are self explanatory. The
one thing that should be noted is that the LABELS21 system accesses it's data
through a numerical key system so that if you wish to update or delete a rec-
ord you must first find the file number of the record. You will be given a
list of file numbers if you choose the List Labels Function from the main menu.

The Data/Index Files will be created automatically if they do not already exist.
If you wish to use a different label file name simply enter the name at the
label file prompt at the beginning of LABELS21 (NOTE: The file name may have
a Drive Letter and a Root but IT MAY NOT HAVE AN EXTENSION - LABELS21 adds
it's own extensions). The data in the label files is indexed off the
COMPANY name and the STREET ADDRESS 1 Line. If both of these lines are id-
dentical in two records it may cause problems.

The following keys may be used to affect data entry in LABELS21
: Moves cursor to top of record ('Company')
: Moves cursor to bottom of record ('Zip')
: Moves cursor up one line (Wrap Around if at top)
: Moves cursor down one line (Wrap Around if at bottom)
: Ends editting of current record
: Ends editting of current record
: If in UPDATE MODE save current record and moves
- cursor to beginning of last record. If in ADD MODE
- there is no affect.
: If in UPDATE MODE saves current record and moves
- cursor to beginning of next record. If in ADD MODE
- there is no affect.
Left Arrow : Move cursor to left
Right Arrow : Move cursor to right
Ctrl-Left Arrow : Move cursor to 1st position
Ctrl-Right Arrow : Move cursor past last character
Tab : Move cursor right to next word
Shift-Tab : Move cursor left to previous word
Backspace : Erase character to left of cursor
Del : Erase character under cursor
Ctrl-E : Erase editing area
Ctrl-F : Fill field with character to left of cursor
Ctrl-X : Erase all characters from cursor on
Ctrl-L : Left justify data
Ctrl-R : Right justify data
Ctrl-S : Start Editing over
Ctrl-N or Ctrl-Q : Quit with no change in data
Ctrl-P : Retreive Previous data or Ctrl-E(rased) data
Ctrl-U : Change all data to Upper Case
Ctrl-D : Change all data to Lower Case
Ins : Toggle Insert function on/off
Alt-Numerics may be used to enter character graphics codes

(Acknowledgement is given to R D Ostrander who wrote the PTOOLENT.INC )
(routines so impressively displayed here !!!!! )

NOTE: Full Editting Capabilities are present only in the ADD/UPDATE modes
in all other function only the NON-Bracketed function listed above
are supported.
LABELS21.COM was written in TURBO PASCAL.
PTOOLENT.INC data entry system was used for data input.
TURBO TOOLBOX B-Tree'd indexing was used for file manipulation.
BOOSTERS Copies & Uppercase routines were used for string manipulation.
MENDOW10.INC was used for Windowing/Menuing (I wrote These).

Future Enhancements will include:
1) Selective Label Printing *
2) Page through Label Editting *
3) Ad Hoc Label Changes
4) Envelope Printing *
5) Printer Control Files
6) Print Character Capabilities

Enhancement History:
Version 10 - Original Entry/Print Routines.

Version 11 - 1) Listing/Editting/Updating/Deleting Added (first version
available on BBS).
2) File Keyed off of Company Name
3) Duplicate Keys allowed

Version 20 - 1) City, State, Zip Split into seperate fields.
2) Page through record editting added.
3) Print By Range Added.
4) Files now keyed of Company Name And First Street Address.
5) Duplicate Keys No longer Allowed.
6) Envelope Printing Added.
7) Editting features documented.

Version 21 1) 'WRINT' Labels Prompt Corrected to 'WRITE'.
2) Govt. Comp. Net BBS Number Corrected.

Dedicated To Douglas Clark - One Incredible Programmer Who Had Nothing To Do
With This Program.


(Hi Mom)

* - Enhancment Completed in version 21

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