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Add pastel collors to THEDRAW31.
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Add pastel collors to THEDRAW31.
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Contents of the KOLOR!.DOC file

* Kolor! * - Release 2.0
The Ansi drawing utility

By Keith Miller and Cat Miller

Kolor! was written to help the artist create non-standard pattern/color
combinations with TheDraw. Using key set 6 and function keys 1, 2 and 3,
Kolor! mixes all possible foreground and background colors. The color
grid that is displayed on your screen makes it easy for you to choose the
color number combination.

Kolor! is a TSR utility. By pressing the 3 hot keys you can easily
refer to Kolor! while using TheDraw.

Loading Kolor!

At the Dos prompt type Kolor!. It will load itself into memory then
display the hot keys, Ctrl-Left Shift-D, to activate it. Simple!

Removing Kolor! from memory

Kolor! is not capable of removing itself from memory.

Mark.Com and Release.Com are two TSR management utilities. They are
available for download from bulletin boards everywhere.

Run Mark.Com before you load Kolor! into memory.

When you wish to remove Kolor! from memory, run Release.Com.

If you do not have the TSR management utilities you will need to reboot
your computer to remove Kolor! from memory. If you would like to have
the TSR management utilities you can call The Alternate Choice and
download them as TSRSRC25.ARC


The function keys 1, 2 and 3 of key set 6 are the 3 keys that allow you
to produce variations of the main color set. To activate key set 6 of
TheDraw press alt and F6 simutaneously.

If you are overwhelmed by the program and must do something to release
your gratitude, consider a five dollar (or more!) donation. Once
considered, send your donation, comments and or suggestions to:

13610 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Suite 10-146
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
or call
The Alternate Choice
(602) 788-0838
24 hours a week!

You may freely pass this program along to your friends or bulletin
boards so as long it is not tampered with in any way, form or fashion.


You will use this program at your own risk. Keith and Cat Miller shall
not nor will not be held responsible for allegded damages or injuries(?)
incurred to property or health (?) if you decide to use this program.
This program was released in properly working order and performing
according to specs.


TheDraw written and distributed by TheSoft Programming Services and
Ian E. Davis.

Kolor! was written by Keith and Cat Miller.

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