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Kepco Edit V2.0. Programmer's editor that provides multiple file editing, online help, macros, etc.
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Kepco Edit V2.0. Programmer’s editor that provides multiple file editing, online help, macros, etc.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLEAN.EXE 11917 6545 deflated
CTAGS.EXE 14195 8639 deflated
KE.EXE 156803 48466 deflated
MANUAL.TXT 49846 13414 deflated
README 1332 614 deflated

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Contents of the README file

There are five files contained on this disk. The files are:

readme - The text file you are reading currently.
manual.txt - A text version of the Kepco Edit manual
ke.exe - The Kepco Edit program, version 2.1 for MS-DOS
ctags.exe - The ctags emulator, version 1.04 for MS-DOS
clean.exe - The file clean utility for MS-DOS

The use of ke.exe and ctags.exe are discussed in the manual. The file clean
utility, clean.exe, is used to remove non-text characters from a file prior
to use in Kepco Edit. non-text characters are sometimes left in text files
when they are edited by word processing programs. Kepco edit will not edit
files which contain non-text characters. Use clean as follows:

clean infile outfile

where infile is the file to be cleaned and outfile is the output file name.

The Atari ST version of Kepco Edit on this disk is distributed as shareware.
Please help to support the generation of quality shareware products by
registering with Kepco International Incorporated. Registration cost is
$19.95. Users who register will be sent a copy of the printed manual and will
be sent a free copy of the next release of Kepco Edit. Send your registration
fee to:

Kepco International Incorporated
P.O. Box 58338
Renton, Washington 98058

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