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JTTmacs Programmer's Editor

Copyright (C) 1990,1991 by Justin Tyme Technologies,Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

JTTmacs is a SHAREWARE program. I did NOT disable any part of the
program, and I don't have any annoying shareware messages "popping up in your
face" (to coin a phrase). You should NOT be charged for this product. See
the License below. You may NOT Charge a fee for this Editor, except by the terms
listed below, Nor may you Reverse-assemble or disassemble the Editor in ANY way.

If you are interested in using any portion of this editor for
Your own use, Please Contact us. We are presently selling the source listing
for this editor. The price is $150.00 (US). If you are interested in purchasing
a licensed copy, and being placed on our mailing list for upgrades,
send $10.00 (US) to:
Justin Tyme Technologies, Inc.
55 Storey ave.
Central Islip, N.Y. 11722

This program was written entirely in C and compiled under IBM DOS 3.3 using
the Zortech C Compiler (Zortech is a registered trademark of (Zortech ltd.),
version 2)

Author's note:
I have yet to see a C/C++ product that even comes close to Zortech.
JTTmacs License:

You are free to copy and distribute JTTMACS.EXE and JTTMACS.DOC for
NON-COMMERCIAL use under the following 2 conditions:

following exceptions:

a) Computer user groups or clubs may make copies of JTTmacs for
distribution to members for a fee that covers copying and other administrative
costs. Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) that operate through subscription fees may
post JTTmacs for downloading by Their subscribers.

b) Disk distributors of Shareware or User-Supported software may
distribute JTTmacs, which includes the program and the documentation,
for a fee NOT to exceed $8.00 US (which covers copying and other
administrative costs. Otherwise,the distributors have to obtain a
written permission from the author.




You're probably saying to yourself "Oh No!, not another programmer's
text editor!". With countless word processors and programmer's text editors on
the market today, You're probably wondering why I wrote this program.
I'll explain:

First of all, I have yet to see (what I think) is a flexible,
easy to use Text Editor designed with the Programmer in mind. I do not mean
to insult anybody who has written such a program; I wrote this program with
Myself in mind. I like to imbed control codes in files (without holding the
key and tapping out the decimal value on the number pad or remembering
some key sequence to do this). I also like to work with more than 2 files at
the same time. (JTTmacs will open up to 255,memory permitting.)

I've always wished that I could have more than one highlight region.
This would allow Me to select more than one item to move,copy, or delete.
There have been many times when I have selected text, moved to some location,
and wished that I could select some other piece of text and move It before
copying the selected text. I've Often wanted to swap two blocks of text.

JTTmacs covers all of the above functions, and more! You have two
seperate highlight regions. You may delete,copy,move, or swap the contents
of the two regions. You can alternate the case of the text inside of regions,
as well as swapping the markers (a useful trick;I will explain later).
Text can be freely moved between files. Control codes can be easily imbeded
in the document by simply pressing and whatever control key you want
(you can imbed a NULL (ASCII zero) by pressing 2 ( @).
You can change the screen colors, and the video mode,
as well as the spaces to tab ratio. You can also turn the status bar off
(Nice if you want to look at the entire page.)

How many times have you needed to figure out the hex value of some
ASCII character; Simply turn the Data viewer on (F6 D) and move the cursor
over the character. Repeatedly pressing (F6 D) will toggle the display base.

Opening multiple files is a snap; You may specify wildcards on the
command line, as well as from the file opening menu. (F3 O)

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