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The Phonetic "Pop-Up" easy to use Dictionary. 60000 words.
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The Phonetic “Pop-Up” easy to use Dictionary. 60000 words.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


May 1993 Alpha Edition Ver. A1.1
* *
* Greetings - from Jorj Software. *
* *
* We are proud to bring you JORJ - a special kind of dictionary. *
* *
* Min. Requirements: IBM compatability, MS/DOS and Hard Disk. *
* *
* This edition (Alpha) of our dictionary is designated SHAREWARE. *
* That means that you are free to use it for a short period of time *
* for evaluation. You may also give a copy to others for the same *
* purpose. After your evaluation, you must either remove the soft- *
* ware from your system or register with us and pay the fee. Check *
* it out for free but if you keep it then you must pay for it. *
* *

In addition to this "READ.ME" file, the distribution disk(s)
aslo contain an installation program "INSTALL.COM" and two
self-extracting, compressed (.EXE) files.

After installation on your hard disk, which must be done with the
provided INSTALL routine, the JORJ directory will contain-
JORJ.DOC Program documentation
JORJ.EXE The Driver Program
JORJ.DAT A 63000 Word Database (1.3+ mb)

The INSTALL routine does NOT access any file in the root directory.

It does perform the following steps.

1. Creates Directory "\JORJ" on your HARD disk if it does not exist.
2. Copies files from the Distribution disk(s).
3. Builds the DataBase JORJ.DAT.
4. Deletes temporary work files and old JORJ files.

Now- To proceed with the installation-
From the floppy drive containing this disk type:

Where A: is the SOURCE drive (distribution disk) and
C: is the TARGET drive (hard disk).

NOTE: If your drives are designated differently,

Jorj Software Co. (313) 428-8010
4354 Fletcher Rd.
Manchester MI 48158-9713

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