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1. Intext is Multilingual enabling you to wordprocess in English and
at least one other language. For further information regarding the
use of Intext, see the file MANUAL.DOC.

2. If you have not purchased your copy of Intext, and you find the
program of value, there are two levels of registration:
US $ pounds
49 35 (1) Entitling you to a printed manual
35 20 (2) Excluding manual
4 2 Shipping and handling
8 4 C.O.D (Not available to overseas)
15 10 Shipping to overseas

3. To register your copy of Intext simply:
A. Send a check to: Intex Software Systems International Ltd
PO Box 3068, Stamford, CT 06905-0068
In the UK, to: Knowledge Computing
18 Fir Tree Ct, Elstree, Herts. WD6 3NF.
B. In the US only, call with your Visa or MasterCard Number
Tel: (203) 97ÿÿ7412, Fax: (203) 975-7317

4. In addition to Intext, there are many third-party multilingual
software applications. A booklet and disk are available:
$ pounds
Booklet 10 7
With disk 25 20
Shipping 3 2
" Overseas 8 5
C.O.D. 6 4 (Not available to overseas)

The guide includes sources and descriptions of:

- MS-DOS in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian.
- Multilingual Spelling checkers, dictionaries, thesauruses.
- Wordprocessors supportin : Amharic, Aramaic, Armenian, Bengali,
Bulgarian, Chinese, Coptic, Czech, Devanagari, Georgian, Gujarati,
Gurkakhi, Hieroglyphics, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Inuktitut,
IPA, Kannada, Japanese, Khmer, Lao, Lithuanian, Malayalam,
Phoenician, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sinhalese, Syriac, Tamil, Telugu,
Thai, Tibetan, Ugaritic, Ukranian, Viet.
- Desktop Publishing in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian,
European, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Persian
(Farsi), Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Tagalog, Turkish,
- Foreign language versions of dBase, Ventura Publisher, Wordperfect,
- Multilingual printer fonts, including HP LaserJet and dot-matrix.
- Translation software for French, German, Spanish, Russian.