Dec 242017
Another decent text editor.
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Another decent text editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEFICHI.MAC 32 26 deflated
DONDE.EXE 6644 4231 deflated
EGA43.EXE 2466 1592 deflated
EXPD.EXE 8112 5041 deflated
GETTY80 4504 753 deflated
ICHI.000 18688 7334 deflated
ICHI.COM 58480 26693 deflated
ICHI.MNL 54298 17323 deflated
ICHI.PAS 2210 920 deflated
README.DOC 728 390 deflated
VGA50.EXE 2194 1415 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

1 The file Ichi.000 must reside in the default or root directory.

2 The file Ichi.Mac is optional. If no Ichi.Mac resides in the
default directory, a set of default macros is supplied by Ichi.
The file DefIchi.Mac on the diskette is a sample user macro file.
It would set up the macros exactly as the system initializes them if
it is renamed to Ichi.Mac.

3 Alt-H brings up Help Screen.

4 The Ichi Editor is a shareware product. It is downloadable from
Compuserve and various other BBS's. The version as currently compiled
will edit a total file size of 70k. Compiled with a different heap
space allocation, Ichi will permit editing a file as large as 360k.

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