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HyperText for PC by MaxThink's Larson.
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HyperText for PC by MaxThink’s Larson.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

HyperRez: Specifications

HyperRez is an easy-to-learn, memory resident system. It makes rapid
hypertext jumps to ASCII files, using links found in ASCII files or
displayed on the screen by other programs.

The specifications of HyperRez are:

Program size: 16065 bytes (HyperRez on disk)
Installed size: 59680 bytes (for program, text, and links)
ASCII file size: Maximum size in 20K (set by text buffer)
Maximum recall: Remembers Right-arrow jumps 64 levels deep

Essential files for running the program:

Program: HR.EXE (HyperRez program)
Title ASCII file: Start.TXT
HyperRez F1 file: Help.TXT
Set keystroke call HRK.EXE (HyperRez keyboard program)
Instructions: READ.ME

Directory Instructions:

If running HyperRez on a hard disk, copy the listed files into a separate
directory named HR. Always load the HyperRez program from this directory.

Installation Instructions:

At the DOS prompt in the HyperRez directory, type HRK to set the keystrokes
that call the HyperRez program. The calling keystrokes must include a
shift, control, or alternate key along with at least one other key.

Type the desired calling keystroke, then press F10 to insert the calling
keystroke into the HR.EXE file while saving the previous version as HR.BAK.

Loading HyperRez instruction:

At the DOS prompt in the HyperRez directory, type HR to install the program
in memory.


Press Arrow keys to operation program
Press F1 key for help
Press ESC to terminate program

Memory-resident conflicts:

Because the HyperRez program makes no stack calls, it is unaffected by the
loading sequence or memory location of other programs.


You can use and distribute HyperRez (free of any fees) with the hypertext
systems you create. Down load the most current version from my bulletin

HyperRez is one of the 20 hypertext programs you receive with my TransText
word processer $89). The details are:

TransText -- $89 Hypertext Construction System

TransText has become my most valuable ASCII hypertext construction tool.
This word processor similar to Borland's SPRINT (six windows, all commands
configurable, ASCII files, full font control, context helps) plus two
important additions -- instant hypertext (just like HyperRez) plus 17
invaluable hypertext construction utilities.

TransText is a new word processing paradigm with instant branching among
complex cross-referenced files plus automatic editing on the fly. Its idea
coupling, live footnotes, and active margins link offer new kinds of
analytical and organizing power to lawyers, academicians, writers,
consultants, and suste, designers.

Light years beyond traditional text editors, TransText rapidly structures
thinking, models software operations, and communicates expert-level
knowledge. Surprise -- TransText requres no learning because TransText also
emulates your favorite word processor -- also groupware compatible on LAN

But there's more -- including the following hypertext construction

Programs for making links:
ANGLE Makes hypertext jumps to all files
RMP Makes hypertext jumps to all non-garbage words in a directory
MP Makes hypertext jumps to all defined words in a directory
M2A Converts MaxThink file into a hypertext network of ASCII files
H2A Converts Houdini file into a hypertext network of ASCII files
SPLIT Splits large ASCII files into a series of hypertext files
MARK Builds hypertext jumps to key words in a series of files
SREF Organizes hypertext jumps by key words

Utility programs:
WF Identifies all garbage words in a directory
SREF Sorts hypertext jumps into common categories
BIGSORT Sorts ASCII files with no limit on size

Knowledge system programs:
HR HyperRez memory-resident shareware hypertext program
HRK Customizes hot key for calling HyperRez
REFALL Shows all hypertext jumps out of each file in a knowledge system
INVERT Shows all hypertext jumps into each file in a knowledge system
IC Identifies any error in all hypertext jumps within a knowledge system
REPAIR Corrects any hypertext jump error within a knowledge system
CONNECT Identifies all multi-generation hypertext links to specified files
DS Records the structure of the knowledge system
CF Identifies any changes to the knowledge system

As a package, TransText (plus these 17 software utilities) is an outstanding
technology for rapidly creating, running, and distributing systems of
knowledge that are light-years ahead of all others.

Neil Larson -- Phone (415) 540-5508
MaxThink, 44 Rincon Rd, Kensington, CA 94707
Copyright HyperRez 1988 -- All rights reserved

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