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Hypertext compiler & browser, use ascii files to create hypertext apps.
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Hypertext compiler & browser, use ascii files to create hypertext apps.
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Contents of the README file

HyperHelper 1.1a

Another ShareWare Product:
Inexpensive software for the rest of us!
Bryan Flamig

HyperHelper is a ShareWare utility that enables you to construct
custom hypertext help and readme systems.

Files you should have:

readme -- This file.
hh.exe -- The hypertext browser.
hc.exe -- The hypertext compiler.
hyperhlp.htx -- A sample hypertext file that briefly explains
what HyperHelper is and how to use it.
sample.txt -- A sample text file that illustrates how
hypertext cards are created in HyperHelper.

A Brief Description

HyperHelper is a ShareWare utility that is ideal for creating
custom hypertext help and readme systems on IBM PC's and
compatibles. HyperHelper differs from other help utilities
in that it is simple, inexpensive, and takes a minimum of
resources, yet at the same time provides a way to incorporate
hypertext into help systems.

You can use HyperHelper to build your own:

o hypertext "readme" files
o hypertext help for application programs
o hypertext help for programming libraries
o hypertext references for just about anything!

HyperHelper consists of a hypertext compiler and browser which
enable you to create and view hypertext files. A hypertext help
system begins as a text file that contains the information that
is to be displayed by the browser. In addition, special link
commands are embedded into this text which specify how you will
be able to move about the information. The compiler then reads
this file and translates it into a special hypertext format that
you can view with the browser. That's all there is to it!

Getting Started

If you want to begin learning how HyperHelper works, try running
the hypertext browser by typing:

hh hyperhlp

at the DOS prompt. This will invoke the HyperHelper browser and
display the contents of the hyperhlp.htx file-- a hypertext
file which explains how to use HyperHelper and briefly tells you
how you can go about building your own hypertext cards.

Try Out the HyperHelper Compiler

After you get a feel for the HyperHelper browser, you'll probably
want to try out the HyperHelper compiler. For your convenience
the distribution disk includes a very simple hypertext file,
called sample.txt, that you can try compiling. You can edit this
file with your favorite text editor; however, make sure your editor
has formatting turned off.

To compile sample.txt into a hypertext file that is readable by the
HyperHelper browser use:

hc sample

Note that the .txt extension of the filename is not used. The
compiler will translate the .txt file into a special format that
is only readable by the HyperHelper browser. This compiled file
will be called sample.htx.

Now try browsing through the file sample.htx with the HyperHelper
browser by typing:

hh sample

You'll probably want to look at sample.txt to see how the various
HyperHelper commands are used. In addition, you might want to try
modifying the file in order to try out the commands on your own.

Tips on Using HyperHelper

Although space does not allow a full description of the features in
HyperHelper, the following tips may prove useful while you are
learning how to use HyperHelper:

1. If you encounter problems reading the screen with your monochrome
monitor, try the following option which forces HyperHelper to
use monochrome attributes:

hh -m

2. You can move the HyperHelper window on the screen by holding
down the Shift key while using the arrow keys. If snow appears
on the screen when moving the window, try invoking HyperHelper
with the -s switch at the command-line. This will prevent most
of the snow. Therefore, if snow appears on the screen use:

hh -s

3. HyperHelper is designed to work in text mode only.

4. For best performance locate your hypertext files on a hard disk.

A Word of Caution

This version of HyperHelper is fully operational, but it DOES NOT
contain a comprehensive user's guide. Nonetheless, the files
sample.txt and hyperhlp.htx should give you an adequate idea of
how HyperHelper works and how to make your own hypertext system.
If you find HyperHelper useful and decide to register your copy
of HyperHelper, you will receive the complete printed documentation.


The following changes have been made to HyperHelper since Version 1.1:

1. A bug in the compiler which would sometimes lock up the
machine has been fixed.

2. All three of the programs hc.exe, hm.exe, and hh.exe can
now handle path names with the file name, including
relative paths and paths to other drives. Versions before
1.1a could not do this.

3. The command-line option to set the color attributes, -C,
has been changed to "-a", to avoid having mixed
case option parameters.

4. In previous versions, if you didn't specify a deck title,
the default "Help" would be used. Now no title will be
displayed if you don't give one.

The following changes have been made to HyperHelper since Version 1.0:

1. The pricing policy has been changed. There is no longer a
different fee for commercial users, and the price is set
at a flat $20. All we ask is that if more than one person
uses the program at your company, then they should all
register and pay the fee.

2. New command-line options added:

-k - Allows you to change the
hot key for hm.exe. See the
manual for more information.

-C bt bc wc tc hlc lc - Allows you to change the
colors of the cards. See below.

-m - Forces the browsers to use
monochrome attributes.

Registering HyperHelper!

Since HyperHelper is a ShareWare product, you are encouraged to
experiment with it and share it with your friends as long as the
following provisions are met:

1) It is distributed ONLY in its original, unmodified form.
2) No fee is charged for copying or distribution without
permission by the author.

If you find HyperHelper useful, you may register your copy for $20
in which case you will receive:

1) The latest version of HyperHelper.
2) A printed user's guide that explains how to use the
HyperHelper browser and how to create your own
hypertext files.
3) A memory-resident, context sensitive version of the
HyperHelper browser. This browser requires 50k of memory.
4) An configuration program which allows you to modify the
.exe files to change the screen colors.

To register HyperHelper, fill out the form below and send it along
with $20 in check, money order, or Visa/MasterCard. Or for
immediate processing, call the number below and place your order
using your Visa or MasterCard.

Ein Stein's Computers,
750 Bridge Street
Yuba City, CA 95991
(916) 671-7444


Company Name


City State Zip


Registration Fee: $ _____________

Tax (CA only) : $ _____________

Total Enclosed : $ _____________

Method of payment: Check ______ Visa ______ MasterCard ______

Credit Card Number: ______________________________________________

Expiration Date: _________________________________________________



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