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The Plusses of HyperTEX+

If you order HyperTEX+ you can enjoy all the benefits of HyperTEX
and more! Here are some HyperTEX PLUSSES:

Plus 1 HyperTEX+ documents are smaller!

Hyperdocuments created with HyperTEX+ are smaller
than hyperdocuments created with HyperTEX. A LOT
SMALLER! For example, when you convert an ASCII
file which is, say 100K in size using HyperTEX
you will end up with a hyperdocument file which
is nearly 300K in size. Not so with HyperTEX+.
The size of the hyperdocument is virtually the
SAME size as the origninal. In fact it might
even be SMALLER, because HyperTEX+ strips out all
control characters from an ASCII file during the
conversion process. If you value your disk space
HyperTEX+ is what you need!

Plus 2 More and more versatile link types!

With HyperTEX, you have basically three types
of links available to you: Text, Program and
Document. These are available with HyperTEX+
too, but there's more. For example, with
HyperTEX+, you not only can link to a document,
but you can specify which frame in the document
you want to link to. This gives you much more
powerful hypertext access between documents.
AND, you can also create links to ordinary text
files. That way, if you have certain text
files which you want to be able to view from
within a document, but you don't want the file
to be a hyperdocument, with hyperlinks, you
can include it as part of your system.

Plus 3 The HyperTEX+ Reader program is BETTER!

* HTREAD.EXE, the program which allows you to
read a hyperdocument you create, has much more
to offer with HyperTEX+.

The Read History function is somewhat 'automatic'
with HyperTEX+. When you traverse links within
a hyperdocument, the reader keeps track of those
links, as with HyperTEX. The plus is that if
you want to go back to a previous link in the
chain, just press the 'p' key. To go forward
to the next link, press the 'n' key. This feature
is sometimes more convenient than using the
Read History function, which allows you to
pick links from a list. The HyperTEX+ reader
automatically selects a link!

Furthermore, with HyperTEX+, HTREAD marks the
first frame from which a hyperlink is accessed
as the ROOT frame, so that the chain is complete.

* HTREAD is menu driven! Yes, if you want to make
use of the functions available in the reader
program, you can call up a menu system by
pressing ALT-M. All the basic functions of the
reader are accessible from the menu, such as
searching, accessing the index, and configuring
the foreground and background colours.

* More configuration power!

You can configure more than just colours with
the HyperTEX+ reader. You have control over what
the message on the top line of the reader program
says with the HyperTEX+ reader By default, the
message says 'HyperTEX+ Reader', but by using the
program SETCFG.EXE, you can have it say whatever
you like! This might be as simple a matter as
including the information about the availability
of the menuing system and online help for use with
the reader, with a message such as:

'F1 = HELP ALT-M = Menu'

All in all, I'm sure you will agree, HyperTEX+ is worth the
registration cost! Register today!

Bill Wiest
430 Loverage St.
London, ON
N5W 4T7

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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