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HyperShell development system

HyperShell V4 - Development utilities etc.

hc.exe Hyperfile checker TSR capture for BLOAD images TSR capture for mode stamped BLOAD images
hcx.exe Compression and expansion program
hl.exe Large version of HS.EXE
hp.exe Hyperfile printer
tagbload.exe Add mode stamp to foreign BLOAD image
zone.hyp Graphic selection zone setup hyperfile
child.hyp Example of passing variable address
child.exe to child program
child.c Source for same

HSL example

This must be translated to a hyperfile first using:-
hc -h exam

exam.hsl - Exam system using data file
example.xam - sample exam


This is one means of creating new hyperfiles, using the
templates and various sets of items.


run using 'hs hyperkit'

*.hyp - templates
*.hsi - sets of items available to hyperkit


All the programs have been compressed using the
excellent LZEXE program by Fabrice Bellard. This means
that the programs are around 50 to 60 percent the size of
what they would otherwise be. The compressed programs also
load faster from floppy disk because of this. No problems
have been experienced so far; however, in case you are the
unlucky one to discover a problem, I have included UNLZEXE,
which expands the programs to their full size.

If you use HyperShell as a help program, run from other
programs, you may also experience difficulties as the
compressed program has to fit in memory with the expanded
one whilst it is LOADING. In this case you should expand
HS.EXE to its full size. Also if you run HyperShell under
Windows or Desqview, you may prefer to use the expanded

Banner removal

The banner displayed whenever you run the demonstrations
can be readily removed as follows:-

ren hypshell.cfg hypshell.csv

Nick Taylor