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Grammatik III - DAK Version 1.10 - June 7, 1989

This file contains the latest information about Grammatik III.

- This version contains all Grammatik III files in compressed form
on the distribution disks. If you are using INSTALL, then you
won't see any differences. If you have to do a custom installation,
then see the additional instructions at the end of this help file.

- If you have a Monochrome monitor and a Color card, it may be difficult
to read Grammatik III screens. You can solve this by adding "MODE BW80"
to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, -OR- by starting any Grammatik III
program with the "-m" (for monochrome) switch (e.g., "GMK3 -m"), -OR-
use the G3SETUP "Colors" command to change the colors.

- This version includes a new program, WPGMK3.EXE, that can be used to
run Grammatik III from within WordPerfect. You simply use WPGMK3
instead of WP when you start WordPerfect. You can then invoke
Grammatik III by pressing . See the addendum for details.

- This version includes three new files, G3CVTPFS.EXE, which is used to
convert PFS word processor files, G3CVTMSW.EXE for Microsoft Word
files, and G3SETNET.EXE, used only for network installations. You
may delete these files from the \GMK3 directory if you won't be
using a network, Microsoft Word, IBM Writing Assistant, or a PFS
word processor.


Even though the files are compressed, you can extract every file
by entering "INSTALL EXTRACT". You will be asked for a destination
disk and directory. You can specify a floppy and the root directory
if you need to, or any directory on a hard disk. You will then be
shown every file in the package, and asked if you want to copy it.
You can change destination floppy disks at any time if one is running
out of room. If a floppy fills, you can restart "INSTALL EXTRACT",
and continue with the files that didn't fit. Once you've extracted
the files, follow the instructions in Appendix D.