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When it's time to proofread, Grammatik III is your new close friend.
Just like its predecessor, Grammatik II, it finds doubled words words,
punctuation errors,, cApitalization mistakes, missed "quotation marks,
and other such mechanical errors.

This example file shows some of the new capabilities of Grammatik
III. It still shows a number of usage and syntax mistakes all
throughout the document based on its extensive dictionary of overworked,
long-winded, and incorrect phrases. But Grammatik III goes far beyond
this simple pattern matching checking. You will find that its a major
improvement in document checking. Using Grammatik III is almost like
going form a Model-T to a 747. It will become the writers able friend.

Grammatik III's goal is to boldly go where no writing analyzer has
gone before! Your going to be surprised at how much better Grammatik
III is at finding errors in your documents.

How does Grammatik III figure all this out. Unlike simple style
checkers of the past, Grammatik III parses each sentence and assigns
parts of speech to each word. It can then check for true grammar
errors using Expert System techniques

The user interface has been completely redesign with pull down menus.
Just like Grammatik II, Grammatik III allows you to chose which error
types to check, but now you choices are easy to make using pull down
menus. You can simply turn the different error types on or off as
you check too meet your specific requirements.

Their are also a large number of other options which your choose from
a pull down menu. All the options are shown on the screen, and your
selections are automatically remembered for the next time you check
an file.

Grammatik III knows about paragraphs, and checks for one-sentence

Grammatik III can find many other errors based on parts of speech
analysis. One significant addition is Grammatik III's ability to
detect subject verb agreement within a clause. It find many verb errors,
including agreement of subject and verb in number, plus proper usage
of modals (should, would, etc.). Plus incomplete sentences. The
following paragraphs show some more of the new capabilities.

Do you know Mae West's quote about Snow White? The reason "quote"
was flagged is because "quote" is only properly used as a verb, and
the correct noun is "quotation". The quotation is "I used to be Snow
White, but I drifted." When someone accidentally or deliberately
altars a quotation, it can lead to a lawsuit.

As you explore each innovations of Grammatik III, we think you definite
will find that it is more better than any other program of its type
available. Of course, there is many other errors that Grammatik III can
find. This demo has shown you just a small sample of Grammatik III's
capabilities. Now that you've seen some of what Grammatik III can do,
you're already to try using it on your own documents. we know that
your writing will improve quickly as you use Grammatik III on a
regular basis.