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Features of Galaxy Pro-Lite.

Galaxy Pro-Lite is our commercial version and may not be distributed by any
entity without expressed written consent. It is not to be considered
"shareware", or Evaluationware, and is only offered by authorized dealers,
distributors and ourselves.

Galaxy Pro-Lite will include a brand new, professionally written manual.
This new manual is more extensive, and will not only give you more
information but will make contacting us easier, and give you the basics of
word processing. It is designed to lay flat and includes all the helpful
information you may require. Your new manual has a new registration system,
the serial number is both on the card you send in and will remain in the
manual for easy reference. A new command reference card is also included in
the manual, it may be removed for placement next to your computer.

Galaxy Pro-Lite will now include a new more complete spelling checker,
100,000 words. The new checker uses a new compression method which allowed
us to add 30,000 more words and the disk file is only 354k in size.

Galaxy Pro-Lite allows you to import the date and time in to your document.
You set the new options from the default menu. Time can be set to standard
or military or none, date can be set to US 01/31/99, January 31, 1999 or 31
/01/99 (European) or none. Then every time you press the CTRL key & QT
keys the date and time or both will be placed where the cursor is located.
The date & time options are saved to the GLITE.INI file.

Printing from memory just press the CTRL key & KP keys. This allows you to
load a document, then edit the document and print it without disturbing the
original file. You can even mark a block of text, just highlight the block
of text you wish to print, then press the CTRL key & KP keys. A sub menu
will pop up with print a block, number of copies and device. The device
will also indicate the current PRD file associated with that device.

Single and double spacing within the same document. Now by pressing the ALT
key & D key within your text, the printing is shifted into double spacing,
by pressing the ALT key & D key again, the printer is returned to single

Word Counter, by pressing the CTRL key & KN keys, or pulling down the block
menu, enables a scan of the document and the word count is displayed.

International characters can be added to your add-on dictionary. Just add
the word as you normally would with the spelling checker, or manually add
the words to the GALAUX.DIC file. The GALAUX.DIC file is an ASCII file and
easily edited.

Automatic Backup this option located in the file menu, you can set Galaxy
Pro-Lite to automatically save your current document every five minutes.
This option will be saved in the Galaxy Pro-Lite INI file, as a default.

Semi-Auto-Reformat, formatting of text is now semi-automatic. By selecting
the 'on' option from the default menu, everytime you press the CTRL key & B
key a screen will appear with the options of 'P' for reformatting the
current paragraph, 'D' for reformatting the entire document, or option 'S'
for skip the current paragraph. Just type the letter P,D,or S for program
operation. If the off position is selected, the reformatting will be as in
older versions, requiring you to press the CTRL-B at the top of each

Features of Galaxy Pro-Lite

Colors are no longer set in the install program. Colors can now be set up
in the default menu, each option has its own color number list and displays
the current value. This will make color selection even easier. Remember
to save the defaults to keep the colors set for your next program use.

Printing is now easier, allowing you to have multiple printers attached,
and to simply switch from one to another, just change the device. Now when
you install the new Galaxy Pro-Lite, the installation program will ask you
for how many printers to install 1-3, then assign a PRD file for each
device. If you have more than one printer attached to your computer, for
example you have an HP(tm) laser printer connected to LPT-1, you would
select PRD #16 for LPT-1, and you have an Epson(tm) attached to LPT-2,
select PRD #11 to device LPT-2. The PRD information will be saved in
Galaxy Pro-Lite's INI file.

Internal print attributes, is no longer required! All print
attributes will be changed in the new print code menu, by either selecting
print codes from the print menu or by typing ^QP, which will bring up the
new menu, while you are editing. This will help you to remember which
attribute is assigned to which keys. Now select Load the current PRD and
it's device will be listed in the open PRD box, press enter or type in
another PRD filename you wish to edit. A sub menu will pop up with the
keys listed, ALT-B through ALT-F8, and the current value assigned to the
key, Bold, Condensed, etc. using the arrow keys, select the attribute you
wish to change. You can also overwrite the current attribute name. The
next step is to enter the print codes for that attribute. You will start
in the on selection box enter the print codes from your manual, use the
arrow key to switch to the off selection box. The codes are still entered
as in the past, separated by a backslash. Galaxy Pro-Lite now allows up to
eight print attributes for any special printer codes, such as proportional,
condensed, elongated, and font changes, anything your printer is capable of
accomplishing. When finished press save. Galaxy Pro-Lite will write the
new PRD with the current name.

NOTE: The Wordstar(tm) conversion key ALT-F3 has been changed to ^QW.

(Marking Blocks) Galaxy Pro-Lite now highlights the first character when
selecting a block, making it easier to remember the beginning of the text
block you're moving.

(LPT3) Galaxy Pro-Lite now supports LPT 3 in the device window.

(Formfeeds) A new final formfeed is now available to you. This is required
to send form letters to some laser printers.

Galaxy, Galaxy Lite and Galaxy Pro-Lite are trademarks of Starlite Software
Co. all rights reserved.

Vendor Information


If you would like to become an authorized disk vendor, you should send a
written request on company letterhead.

Evaluationware is a new concept the authorized disk vendor will receive a
license and a master with your company name on the opening screen, allowing
your company to sell the evaluation disk for no more than $8.50 US and to
provide the end user a copy of the software on a floppy disk only.
Individual users that have obtained a legally distributed disk, or the
program from a bulletin board system will still be allowed to pass it along
to other end users for evaluation purposes.

Companies that would like to distribute our evaluation software with their
products will be required to pay a small yearly fee for the evaluation
software to help pay for their personalized opening screen and the
additional tech support required.

We are asking that you remove all older versions of our software, either
Galaxy 1.0-3.01 or Galaxy Lite Version 1.0-1.6. The only legal version
that may be distributed is Galaxy Lite 1.7. and the company distributing
Galaxy Lite must be under license from Starlite Software Co. Galaxy, Galaxy
Lite & Galaxy Pro-Lite are trademarks of Starlite Software Co. All rights