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Text Freaker transforms ordinary text into Ÿrˆàky çˆxç. It can change letters to wˆ‹rë characters, reverse lines, or do both.
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Contents of the FREAKER.DOC file

x rkr 1.2
Copyright (c) 1992 Gregory Sherman


Text Freaker transforms ordinary text into rky x. It can change
letters to wr characters, reverse lines, or do both. It can be used
for writing taglines and whenever you want your words to look rky.
The program takes a text file as input and produces a rky x file as
output. If you have comments or suggestions, you can send E-mail via
Internet to me: [email protected]


This program is being distributed as shareware. Therefore, feel free
to give copies to friends, upload the program to BBSs, etc. If you decide
to continue using this program after evaluating it, you must register.
Unregistered copies produce a registration notice at the top of the output
file and output files are limited to 2 lines. When you register, you will
receive instructions to prevent this notice from ever appearing again
and to remove the 2-line limitation.


To run the program from a DOS prompt, type:

freak [-r | -b]

Infile and Outfile are the names of the input and output files. If no
output file is specified the output file will have the same root name
as the input file, with a .FRK extension. For example "freak m.txt"
will produce output in a file named "m.frk".

You can also type a command-line switch to specify conversion options:
"-b" produces an output file with wr characters and each line reversed.
"-r" produces an output file with the lines reversed only.
The default is wr characters only, so there is no switch for it.

Examples: "freak -r greeting.txt" will produce a file named "greeting.frk"
in which each line of greeting.txt is reversed

"freak -b taglines.txt" will produce,
in which letters will be rk and lines will be reversed


The registration fee is $2. Mail a check or postal money order to:

Gregory Sherman
4750 Sawtelle Blvd.
Culver City CA 90230

Remember to include your name as you want it to appear when the program
runs and your mailing address. Also, specify that you are registering
Text Freaker 1.2. You may use the included registration form, frk-reg.frm.
Canadians, please send a check drawn on a US bank for US$2.50.

Ordinary and "improved" alphabets:


Thanks for trying x rkr


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