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Desk top publishing program.
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Desk top publishing program.
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FREE1.EXE 213304 204735 deflated
FREE2.EXE 131381 125041 deflated
GO.BAT 15 15 stored
READ.ME 1126 571 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The Free Press is a collection of programs that allow any one with
a MSDOS computer to put out their own disk magazine. The files in
FREE1.EXE make up the magazine itself. The files if FREE2.EXE
make up the editor and utilities.

Hard disk and floppies greater than 380K: Create sub
directory on the disk for the FREE PRESS and get in that
sub-directory. Put the distribution Disk in Drive A: enter
A:FREE1 and then A:FREE2

5 1/4 dual floppies: Format two disk. Name one Free Press
and the other Editor. Put the distribution disk in Drive
A: and the Free Press in B:. log on B:. Type A:FREE1.
After the files are de-arc'ed put the disk named Editor in
b: enter A:FREE2. Modify the the program GO.BAT to read:

The magazine is toughly debugged the editor is newer.
Watch out the editor does not make back up files. This is
intentional. When working on floppies the BAK file exhaust disk
space. Editing can be done with the editor included or the word
processor or text editor of your choice.

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