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Great program to create, edit, and print fonts on a dot matrix printer.
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Great program to create, edit, and print fonts on a dot matrix printer.
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Contents of the LICENSE.DOC file


Printer Enhancement Utility

(C) COPYRIGHT 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 by IHS Systems, San Jose, Calif;

FONTASTIC is the copyrighted property of IHS Systems. You
are granted a limited license to use FONTASTIC, and to copy it and
distribute it, provided that the following conditions are met:

1) No fee may be charged for such copying and distribution other than
a nominal fee (not to exceed $10.00) for the cost of duplication
and/or diskettes.

2) FONTASTIC may ONLY be distributed in its original, unmodified state.

3) Permission is hereby granted to distribute FONTASTIC via any
public bulletin board system.

Any voluntary contributions for the use of this program will be
appreciated, and should be sent to:

IHS Systems
4718 Meridian Ave #211
San Jose, CA 95118

IHS Systems will maintain a list of registered users of FONTASTIC for
purposes of notification of updates and additional fonts. The registration
fee is $39.95.

A word about user supported software:

The user supported software concept (usually referred to as
"freeware") is an attempt to provide software at low cost. The cost
of offering a new product by conventional channels is staggering, and
hence dissuades many independant authors and small companies from
developing and promoting their ideas. User supported software is an
attempt to develop a new marketing channel, where products can be
introduced at low cost.

If user supported software works, then everyone will benefit. The
user will benefit by receiving quality products at low cost, and by
being able to "test drive" software thoroughly before purchasing it.
The author benefits by being able to enter the commercial software
arena without first needing large sources of venture capital.

But it can only work with your support. We're not just talking about
FONTASTIC here, but about all user supported software. If you find that you
are still using a program after a couple of weeks, then pretty
obviously it is worth something to you, and you should send in a

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