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FREEMACS - File 4 of 6.
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FREEMACS – File 4 of 6.
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Contents of the SPELLER.DOC file

The Clarkson Speller

The Clarkson Speller is a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program. It
provides spelling functions to programs that need them. One program that
uses them is Freemacs (see HOWTOGET.IT).

After you install the speller (by executing SPELLER.COM), it will
consume 60K of memory. When you run Freemacs with speller installed,
you may execute the function auto-spell-mode. When you press return or
space, the word to the left of point is spell-checked, and the bell is
rung if speller thinks the word is mis-spelled.

If you would like to use the Clarkson Speller in your own programs,
all you need to do is execute INT 82h with AH set to one of the following
function codes. Freemacs lets you execute any of these functions using the
#(sc) primitive. You can check to see if Speller is installed by looking
for the following signature appearing in the few bytes before the address
pointed to by the interrupt 82h vector.

Speller may be removed from memory using any of the common TSR management
utilities, such as Kim Kokkonen's TSR package. Look for TSRSRCxx or TSRCOMxx.
At the time of this writing, xx was 28.

db'1';bump this if incompatible with previous version.
db'3';bump this if upward compatible with previous.
; The code is entered here when called via INT 82h
; function codes in AH, ds:si ->null terminated word:
;0spell check word.
;1add word to dictionary.
;2return word count in AX.
;3write speller to disk, ds:si ->fn.
;4clear dictionary.
;5return maximum word count in AX.
; function return codes:
; 0call executed successfully (or zero words in dictionary)
;-1used by some programs to indicate speller absent.
;-2 illegal function call was made
;-3word was mis-spelled
;-4word too long to add to dict / spell check
;-5dictionary is full!
;-6disk full, speller not saved
;The return code is returned in the AX register.
; These are the only return codes currently defined and meaningful.

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