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FINDWRAP.EXE is a program to find lines in a text file by one search
string or by the the occurance of both of two strings, and to wrap the
found line into lines of 77 or less characters at a space. If no space
is found by 60 characters then it is wraped at 77. Arguments are:
input file - source
output file - results
string 1 - optional
string 2 - optional
Without search strings it only wraps the file.

FPS.BAT is an aplication of FINDWRAP.EXE with the souce file as
PCLST and the output as the first argument, and the search string
as the second argument, with the third argument as an optional
second search string. If the first or second arguments are not
included then FPS.BAT does not execute FINDWRAP.EXE.