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; F I L E L I S T

; (c) 1988 Ralph Roberts

; FileList does just that, zips around your open buffers and tells you which
; files you have open, how many lines are in each, the total number of files,
; and the total number of lines. It even shows which line the cursor is on in
; is on in ALL open files! Like PickFile, altho' FileList serves a different
; purpose, an asterisk before the file means it has not been saved since modi-
; fications were last made. Like my STATS macro, I think you will find this is
; one you will use daily. It gives you an instant overview of the swap file.

; TO INSTALL: To put this macro into Sprint, simply load this file, exactly
; as it is. If there is a ruler at the top, remove it. Then type the ALT-U-M-R
; key combination and this macro will be compiled. Next, use the ALT-U-M-E key
; combination. When it reads, "Enter Macro:" on the status line at the bottom
; of your screen, type in the name "FILELIST" and hit the key. You
; may then either execute your new macro, or assign it to a key or key
; combination for ease-of-use in the future. Enjoy!

; FileList and the other unique Sprint macros in this series are all the copy-
; righted property of Ralph Roberts. You may distribute and use them freely.
; They are, frankly, advertisements for my book on Sprint, and the other help-
; ful computer-oriented books that I write. Helping fellow computer users is
; how I make my living, so please look for my books and articles. Thanks.

; Ralph Roberts, the author of this macro, also wrote the comprehensive book,
; COMPUTE!'S USING BORLAND'S SPRINT. Autographed copies of this 100,000-word+
; book are now available for the retail price of $16.95 (ppd) from the author
; at: P.O. Box 8549, Asheville, North Carolina 28814, or you may buy it through
; your local Waldenbooks, B. Dalton's, or other quality bookstore.

int z
int v
int w
files -> w
bufnum -> x
set QP fname
lines -> y lines -> n
line -> z modf -> v
mark (25 qswitch r toend
if v = 0 insert " "
else insert "* " toend
insert "^F" z put "cursor on \%5d of " y put "\%5d lines ")

while (x != bufnum) {filefwd
lines -> y
n + y -> n
line -> z modf -> v
set qn fname
mark (25 qswitch toend "^J"
if v = 0 insert " "
else insert "* " insert qn
"^F" z put "cursor on \%5d of " y put "\%5d lines ")

mark (25 qswitch toend
"^J^F----- ^J^F" w put "\%d files open "
n put "\%5d lines ")

mark {to qp r toend
while (92 csearch) (47 -> current)
r toend

1 -> zoom draw

message "\n (Press any key to restore screen).... Read COMPUTE!'S "
0-> statline
1-> statline
0 -> zoom

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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