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FGRAB is a text file viewer program with a hook into it. It will let you browse through a file and gather individual lines of text into a second text file.
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FGRAB is a text file viewer program with a hook into it. It will let you browse through a file and gather individual lines of text into a second text file.
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If you like this program, please do one of the following:

Go down to your local bookstore and buy a copy of "Coven: A
Novel", by Steven William Rimmer, published by Ballantine Books.
In Canada, try Coles... they usually have it. Read the book and
tell your friends about it if you like it. Send us some comments
about the book or a photocopy of the cover and we'll consider you
a registered user of this program.

Alternately, send us $15.00, the normal user fee for this
software. (The book is $3.95 or $5.50 in Canada: considerably
cheaper than cash.)

Registered users of this software are entitled to phone support,
notification of upgrades and good karma. Our address can be found
at the end of this file.

FGRAB is a text file viewer program with a hook into it. It will
let you browse through a file and gather individual lines of
text into a second file. The second file will be a readable ASCII
text file when FGRAB finishes.

To use FGRAB, run it with the name of the file you want to browse
though as the first argument and the file you want your captured
lines to wind up in as the second argument, as in


Note that if GRABFILE.DOC exists, it will be overwritten.

Having done this, the contents of TEXTFILE.DOC will appear on
your screen. The up and down arrow keys will move it by a line at
a time. The PgUp and PgDn keys will move by a page at a time. The
Esc key will end the program and write the selected lines, if

You will notice a highlighted bar at the top of the
screen when you start. This indicates the line which will be
grabbed if you hit the space bar. The cursor left and cursor
right keys move this bar up and down the screen. Every time you
hit the space bar, the highlighted line gets sent to
GRABFILE.DOC, in this example.

Options 'n stuff:

If you have an EGA card, you can run FGRAB like this,


and everything will be displayed in 43 lines, rather than 25. I
can't abide 43 line displays, but if you like 'em, go for it.

If you have Hercules card, the normal colour FGRAB display will
automatically switch to monochrome.

FGRAB preformats its text for display on the screen, with the
result being that it's very fast but also very wasteful of memory.
On moderate size text files... say one or two hundred kilobytes
or less... this won't be a problem on a machine with 640
kilobytes of memory. However, bear in mind that at a minimum,
FGRAB will need twice as much memory as the disk space your text
file occupies.

The extreme simplicity of FGRAB forbids any further

If you register this program you're welcome to the source in
Turbo C... just mention that you'd like it.

Moral dogma

If you like this program and find it useful, you are requested to
support it either by buying the book mentioned at the top of this
file or by sending us $15.00. We'd rather you bought the book.
This will entitle you to telephone support, notification of
updates and other good things like that. More to the point,
though, it'll make you feel good. We've not infested the program
with excessive beg notices, crippled it or had it verbally insult
you after ten days. We trust you to support this program if you
like it.

Oh yes, and if you fail to support this program and continue to
use it, a leather winged demon of the night will tear itself,
shrieking blood and fury, from the endless caverns of the nether
world, hurl itself into the darkness with a thirst for blood on
its slavering fangs and search the very threads of time for the
throbbing of your heartbeat. Just thought you'd want to know

We are
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
P.O. Box 313
Markham, Ontario
L3P 3J8

Other programs we've done that you might like include:

Scoop - MacPaint, GEM/IMG and PC Paintbrush file readers,
with Epson FX-80, LaserJet and PostScript printer
support. Drives CGA, EGA, VGA and Hercules cards.
HP_Slash - Make LaserJet soft fonts smaller by selectively excising
those characters you'll never use.
Calendar - Slick perpetual calendar that tells you when the
equinoxes happen, what day Michaelmas fell on in 1705
and so on.
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suitable for inhalation into Ventura.
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IMGCUT - Crop GEM/IMG paint files into smaller files.
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onto a floppy, pauses when the current floppy is
full and asks for another one.
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a word processor nor a radish straightener.
TCAP - A text screen capture program which generates GEM/IMG
graphics that look like your text, all ready for inhalation
into Ventura.
DMCL - Dot matrix control language... macro driven effects control
and printing program for dot matrix printers.
VFM - Ventura soft font manager deluxe with a side of fries.
Adds new fonts and creates width tables with menu
driven simplicity.
GRAFCAT - Prints sixteen graphics files per page to create a
visual record of your image file collection. The
graphics can be any mixture of MacPaint, GEM/IMG, PC
Paintbrush PCX and PCC and GIF files. GIF files are
dithered to black and white. Works with any laser
printer that supports LaserJet Plus or PostScript
WORKSHOP - This is the last word in image programs. It converts,
prints, views, dithers and halftones MacPaint,
GEM/Ventura IMG, PCX, GIF, TIFF and EPS files. It
drives CGA, Hercules, EGA, VGA, Paradise and ATI VGA
Wonder cards. It features batch processing, extended
and expanded memory support, an intuitive user
interface and easy to follow menus. It allows you to
convert colour image files into superb black and
white clip art for desktop publishing, among other

If you can't find them in the public domain, they're available
from us for $20.00 each. Graphic Workshop is $35.00. Source is
available for Scoop, for $25.00.

Legal dogma
The author assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss
caused by the use of these programs, however it comes down.

All the trademarks used herein are registered to whoever it is
that owns them. This notification is given in lieu of any
specific list of trademarks and their owners, which would not be
as inclusive and would probably take a lot longer to type.

That's it...

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