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Compare two files at the hex/ASCII level.
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Compare two files at the hex/ASCII level.
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Contents of the FCOMP.DOC file

FCOMP - File Compare Utility V1.2

(C)opyright 1988, CyberWare Inc.
Written by: Christopher Paul Roberts

Send question to:
Chris Roberts
3525 Jasmine Ave. #8
Palms, CA 90034
Voice : (213) 838-0776
Lynzies Motherboard at
(213) 659-1982 or
(818) 508-6482 or
(818) 989-3875

FCOMP is a simple public domain piece of software... not shareware. Please
distribute freely.

FCOMP is a simple byte for byte file compare utility. I wrote it because
all of the compare utilities I found worked only with ASCII files. FCOMP
will compare any two files and display any differences on the screen. The
data that is different will appear highlighted while the matching data
appears dim. It's all really very simple and self explanitory. Please
forward any questions or suggestions to one of the above mentioned places....

1.2 - Fixed read buffer routine for records less then 128 bytes.
1.1 - First release.

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