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EZSpell - An easy to use spelling checker. Can add to dictionary.
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EZSpell – An easy to use spelling checker. Can add to dictionary.
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Contents of the EZSPELL.DOC file

EZSpell - An easy to use spelling checker.

Version 1.4, 04-31-89
Written by Samuel H. Smith

Copyright (C) 1989 Samuel H. Smith; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This program is supported by:

The Tool Shop BBS
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 264-3969 (HST)
(602) 279-2673 (HAYES 9600)

This program may be copied freely, provided it is never sold or
otherwise used for profit.

EZSpell will scan a document and make a list of all unique words that
it contains. It will then compare these words to the contents of
it's dictionary file, EZSPELL.DCT. You will then be given a list of
all words that were not found in the dictionary. You can decide if
you want to add words to the dictionary, or change them in your
document. EZSpell will show you the unknown words in the actual
context of your document. Your document is then updated as needed.
The dictionary is also updated if needed.

EZS.EXE The EZSpell program.
EZSPELL.DCT The dictionary.
EZSPELL.DOC The documentation for EZSpell.
EZCLEAN.EXE A utility for cleaning out the dictionary.

To run EZSpell, you must have this disk in your currently logged
drive. EZSpell looks for the dictionary file, EZSPELL.DCT first in
the current directory, and then in all of the search PATHs. To check
spelling in the file C:FOO.TXT, you would type:


EZSpell will read through your file, giving you a count of how many
lines and words that is has examined. After the whole document has
been scanned, it begins to read the dictionary. While reading the
dictionary you will be given a count of how many dictionary words
have been scanned, and how many words were "unknown".

After the dictionary scanning is completed, you will be allowed to
"review" the list of unknown words. You will be given these possible

This word will be added to the dictionary.

Change the spelling of this word. You will be asked to enter
the corrected spelling for this word. EZSpell will go through
your document and change the spelling for you.

The word is marked so that you can manually correct it. This
may be useful when you are not sure of how the word was used,
and need to do more than a simple spelling change. This is the
only option that some spelling checkers give you. A marked
word will show up in your document with brackets around it,
like this: [incerrect].

Just ignore this word. Don't add it to the dictionary, and
don't change it in your document.

This option jumps to the last unknown word. Use this if you
prefer to go backwards through the wordlist with the [PREVIOUS]
command, or if you want to ignore all of the remaining unknown

This option will display the next context in which this word
is used in the document.

This option lets you back-up in case you change your mind about
what to do with a word. Very handy!

You select the action you want by pressing the first letter of the
action name.

Once you have gone through all of the words, EZSpell will update your
document. As the file is updated, you will be given a display
showing the number of lines processed. Any changes made in your
document will also be shown, as they are made. EZSpell saves the
original version of your file so you can "un-correct" it, if needed.

After your document has been updated, new words will be added to the
dictionary file. EZSpell saves a copy of the original dictionary
file. This might come in handy if you run out of disk space.

EZSpell probably won't work on files that contain funny control
characters or other non-ascii characters (like WordStar files).
Please convert these files into ascii before you use EZSpell.

EZSpell always keeps backups of your original document and dictionary
files. If you run out of disk space while updating a file, the
program will be aborted. It is then up to you to rename the backup
file to restore the original data.

EZSpell can work on any size document, limited only by how much
memory you have. It takes about 100 bytes of memory for each unique
word in the document.

There is no limit to dictionary size. Words and lines can not be
longer than 40 characters. Lines can not be longer than 255

19-oct-85 v1.0
Initial release.

20-oct-85 v1.0a
Better word-review and bigger dictionary.

21-oct-85 v1.1
Improved displays.
Searches paths for dictionary.

28-dec-85 v1.2
Added check for repeated words.
Fixed "mark" bug.

19-jan-89 v1.3
Three years later!
Recompiled with Turbo Pascal 5.0.

21-apr-89 v1.4
Added context display during word review.
Better memory management.
Speed improvements.

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