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Envelope addresser w/db.
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Envelope addresser w/db.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ENVELOPE v2.1 is an uncomplicated utility for typing envelopes, a
task that sends most computer users in search of their trusty

This archive contains:

ENVELOPE.COM Compiled, ready-to-run program

ENVELOPE.PAS Turbo Pascal (v2.0/3.0) source code
envelope typing utility

Turbo is not needed to run ENVELOPE.COM. Many users, however,
will not be satisfied with the defaults for cursor control,
printer control, etc. These can be changed easily in the richly
commented source code, which can then be compiled with Turbo.

Jim Zisfein
c/o Blaise Pascal RCP/M (718)-604-1930
June 8, 1986

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