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Emacs editor for DOS version 1.6.
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Emacs editor for DOS version 1.6.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABBREV.DEF 55 49 deflated
ABBREV.ED 1747 738 deflated
ABBREV.EDD 1175 505 deflated
ABBREV1.MIN 5493 1437 deflated
ABBREV2.MIN 2133 709 deflated
ABBREV3.MIN 1098 579 deflated
ASM.MIN 3058 1256 deflated
C.ED 1274 555 deflated
C.EDD 2441 1096 deflated
CHANGES.DOC 18717 7146 deflated
COPYING.DOC 12741 4976 deflated
CUSTOMIZ.DOC 4033 1763 deflated
DABBREV2.MIN 6360 2649 deflated
DIR.ELI 999 567 deflated
DIRED.ED 8345 2602 deflated
DIRED.EDD 544 240 deflated
E.BAT 41 41 stored
EMACS.DOC 14540 5484 deflated
EMACS.ED 85690 26154 deflated
EMACS.EDD 48554 14493 deflated
EMACS.EXE 21872 13580 deflated
FAKE101.COM 298 293 deflated
FORTRAN.ED 2697 1178 deflated
GREP.ED 1185 594 deflated
HOWTOGET.IT 2131 1156 deflated
INFO.ED 5077 1805 deflated
INFO.EDD 2190 760 deflated
INFO.ELI 27813 10006 deflated
KEYS.ED 7831 3254 deflated
KEYS.EDD 182 153 deflated
LISP.ED 3665 1215 deflated
LISP.EDD 1296 481 deflated
MANIFEST.DOC 1106 465 deflated
MANUALS 1473 752 deflated
MINTED.ED 15214 4777 deflated
MINTED.EDD 6994 2748 deflated
MINTREF.ELI 46914 13440 deflated
MINTTUT.DOC 27263 9312 deflated
MOUSE.ED 6533 2151 deflated
MOUSE.EDD 6023 1514 deflated
MOVEMAIL.C 2486 1097 deflated
MOVEMAIL.EXE 10644 6417 deflated
QUICK.REF 12777 5015 deflated
README.DOC 2942 1423 deflated
RMAIL.ED 8780 3116 deflated
RMAIL.EDD 2608 1050 deflated
SPELLER.MIN 664 339 deflated
TUTORIAL.DOC 30468 10838 deflated
TWOPAGE.DOC 4608 1889 deflated
USER.ED 0 0 stored

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Freemacs is a programmable editor. The .EXE file is only 21K because
it only contains a language interpreter and text editor primitives. The
bulk of the programming is done in MINT, which is a string-oriented
language. Freemacs is yet another Emacs clone. Emacs was first written
at MIT by Richard M. Stallman.

There are a number of Emacs clones for the PC available. Unlike all
the others, Freemacs is the only IBM-PC editor that tries to be like
GNU Emacs. Freemacs's only major failings are that it cannot edit files
larger than 64K, and it has no undo facility.

You may freely copy this software. I only ask that you send
improvements back to me for incorporation into the package for the
rest of us. Information on how to get the distribution is available
in the file HOWTOGET.IT

Addresses, electronic and otherwise:

Author:Russell Nelson
Internet:[email protected]
UUCP:{smart host}!!nelson
Snail:11 Grant St., Potsdam, NY 13676

There is a mailing list for the Internet.

To subscribe, send a message of the form "subscribe freemacs" to
one of the following addresses:
BITNET: listserv%sun.soe@clvm
Internet: [email protected]
UUCP: {smart host}!!listserv

Send mail to freemacs at one of the following addresses:
BITNET: freemacs%sun.soe@clvm
Internet: [email protected]
UUCP: {smart host}!!freemacs

Getting started:

Obviously you have unarced this file already, so you don't need to be
told how to unarc things. You should put all the Freemacs files into
a subdirectory (I will assume \EMACS).

DOS 2.x users:

You need to add a line to your autoexec.bat file that reads "set
emacs=x:\EMACS\". Replace "x:" with the drive that you have placed
Freemacs in. There is nothing magical about \EMACS, however you must
have a trailing backslash. Move EMACS.EXE to your bin subdirectory.
You may rename it if you wish--I suggest E.EXE.

DOS 3.x and 4.x users:

You should ensure that emacs is executed out of the subdirectory in which
the Freemacs files are stored. You can do this two ways -- you can include
\EMACS in your path, or you can put a small batch file on your path. For
an example of a batch file, look at the included E.BAT.

If you are unfamiliar with Emacs, you should run emacs, get help, and read
the tutorial. The opening screen has instructions for doing this.

Modifying Freemacs:

There are lots of simple changes that you can make without really needing
to understand MINT. For example, the mode line uses inverse video. If
you would like to change the colors, use M-x edit-options.

If you would like to do simple customizations like key rebinding, see
the file CUSTOMIZ.DOC.

If you would like to learn how to program in MINT, see the file MINTTUT.DOC.

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