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Installation varies from one Operating System to another. For complete
instructions, see the appropriate subsection in the "Versions" section
of the manual. Basically, though, it goes like this:

VMS: There is a batch file called "" which compiles
elvis and the related utilities. You just need to say
"@vmsbuild" and wait a while. (On a little old VAX with
heavy load, elvis can take up to half an hour to compile!)

After that, the programs need to be set up as foreign
commands. A batch file called "" does this.

DOS: If you're using MS-C 5.x (for a fairly recent x), then
you can compile elvis and the related programs by saying
"make elvis.mak" and waiting a while.

If you're using Turbo-C or Borland C, then you will probably
want to copy "Makefile.mix" to "Makefile", and then edit
"Makefile" to select the Turbo-C group of settings. Then run

Regardless of how you compile elvis, you must make a directory
called "C:\TMP" before elvis will run correctly.

Copy "Makefile.mix" to "Makefile", and then edit "Makefile"
to select the proper group of settings. Then run "make".

When its done, run "make install" to copy the executables
to /usr/local/bin (or whatever -- check the Makefile) and
change their permissions. On UNIX systems, you'll need to
do this as "root".

That's the gist of it. For complete instructions, you should look in the
"Versions" section of the manual. You may also wish to browse through the
"CFLAGS" and "Makefile" sections of the manual.

The manual resides in a subdirectory called "doc". Each section of the
manual is in a separate file, so it could be split across several shar
archives. On a UNIX system, you can go into the "doc" directory and say
"make" to have these parts be appended to form a single file called
"Elvisman.txt". On other systems, your best bet is probably to just
print out all of the "*.doc" files, and then append them in the following
title.doc title page
index.doc index page
intro.doc introductory fluff
visual.doc visual commands and input mode
ex.doc table of ex commands, and descriptions
regexp.doc description of regular expressions and substitutions
options.doc detailed description of ":set" command
cutbufs.doc short discussion of cut-buffers and @ macros
differ.doc list of (known) differences between elvis and vi
internal.doc implementation details
cflags.doc compile-time options
makefile.doc description of the Makefile.mix file
termcap.doc how elvis uses termcap fields -- terminal descriptions
environ.doc environment variables that affect elvis
versions.doc OS-dependent information
question.doc some frquently asked questions & answers
ctags.doc man-page for "ctags" program
elvis.doc man-page for "elvis" program
elvprsv.doc man-page for "elvprsv" program
elvrec.doc man-page for "elvrec" program
fmt.doc man-page for "fmt" program
ref.doc man-page for "ref" program

NOTE: The manual pages are formatted for 66-line pages. The last 6 lines of
each page are blank, for skipping page breaks. Many laser printers default
to 60 lines per page, so you may have to delete those extra blank lines, or
replace them by formfeeds or something.

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