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Quick start for the EE Editor

1. Copy EE.EXE to a subdirectory on the MS-DOS path.

2. The CONFIG.SYS file must set the number of files open
simultaneously to 20 or more. Include the following
line in CONFIG.SYS if a line specifying FILES does not


3. Move the KEYPAD.MAC file to a system subdirectory.
In your AUTOEXEC.BAT file include the following line:

SET EE=d:\dirspec\KEYPAD.MAC

example: put KEYPAD.MAC into the directory C:\DOS
include the following line in AUTOEXEC.BAT:

4. Reboot your system to set FILES and the EE environment
variable. At the MSDOS command line, type SET followed
by pressing the ENTER key. Read the results to make
sure that the environment variable EE is properly
defined. You may need to increase your environment
space (read about the SHELL command in CONFIG.SYS) if
it doesn't appear as you specified it in AUTOEXEC.BAT.

5. Invoke the EE Editor by typing the follow line:

EE filename

where filename is the name of the file you want to edit.
The following keys are all you need to know to get

F1 - Do key:
causes a menu to appear on the screen with all of the
functions available in EE.
F2 - Learn key:
initiates learning a series of keystrokes, then
initiates the MACRO key assignment. Pressing it
twice in a row initiates a MACRO erase.
F3 - Literal Next key:
used to enter special characters (e.g. Ctrl-Z) into
F4 - Cancel key:
Used to cancel almost any EE Editor command.

Read Step 4 above if your cursor control keys don't work.

6. Read the manual EEMANUAL.DOC for the EE Editor to learn
its complete capabilities.


ADVANTAGE SOFTWARE and the author of the EE Editor,
herein referred to collectively as ADVANTAGE SOFTWARE,
hereby disclaim all warranties relating to this software,
whether express or implied, including without limitation any
implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. ADVANTAGE SOFTWARE will not be liable
for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or
similar damages due to loss of data or any other reason,
has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no
event shall ADVANTAGE SOFTWARE's liability for any damages
ever exceed the price paid for the license to use software,
regardless of the form of the claim. The person using the
software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of
the software.

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