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An excellent programmer's editor.
File E88-422.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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An excellent programmer’s editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHANGES.TXT 5925 2442 deflated
COMPRESS.CTL 11 11 stored
E88.DOC 100143 27575 deflated
E88.PAT 20705 11397 deflated
E8M.EXE 18383 9016 deflated
FILES.TXT 1144 488 deflated
RUN-ME.BAT 1364 624 deflated
STARTUP.TXT 1164 544 deflated
YN.COM 105 104 deflated
YN.DOC 1236 554 deflated

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Contents of the STARTUP.TXT file

Welcome to The E88 Text Editor version 4.22. This batch file will assist
you to to get started using the editor program.

E88 uses a cloning program (E8M.EXE) to produce the actual editor program
file (E88.EXE). E8M.EXE (also known as the machine) must be executed first.

New users are advised to follow these simple steps to produce a "default"
copy of the editor to try.
(0.) If a printer is available answer "Y" to the prompt below.
(1.) Allow this batch file to load and execute E8M.EXE
(2.) Press any key but "R" to advance past the logo screen. Or press "R".
(3.) Read the introduction screen. Press any key when finished.
(4.) Select option number (2.) Screen parameters (colors etc.)
(5.) Select option (2.) Screen colors, from the sub-menu provided.
(6.) Follow the instructions and set up your colors then exit to main menu.
(7.) Select option (8.) and then press [ENTER] to produce E88.EXE.
(8.) Select option (9.) and confirm the prompt with a "Y"

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