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E4 is a powerful multi-file text editor with outlining, macros, SVGA support, and in-editor compilation and error tracking.

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E4-Deluxe Editor v2.0 - with User-Defined
Menus. Mouse. Outlining/Folding. SVGA
support. Load wildcards, edit 100+ files.
Search/Replace across all open files. Full
on-line help. Resume Mode. Editable
extension & content specific Macros. Compile
from editor, swap to disk/XMS. Redefine
keyboard. Extension specific options. ASCII,
Color, Error, Keycode tables. Line Draw. Live
wordwrap. Timed Backups. Small. Fast.

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E4 is a powerful multi-file text editor with outlining, macros, SVGA support, and in-editor compilation and error tracking.
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Contents of the COMPILE.DOC file

E4(tm) Editor Package - COMPILE
Copyright (C) N.Faulks 1993. All Rights Reserved.
6th June 1993

COMPILE is a general pupose compiler control program. Given the
name of a source file to compile it selects and executes the
correct compiler for that file.

Its operation is controlled by the file COMPILE.CL, which lists
what compilers are to be applied to what kinds of files. Entries
take the form


For example to compile .C files using BCC you might use the entry

BCC -V $f

$f refers to the full filename given on the command line. Other
placeholders are available and are listed in the sample

Multiple commands allow you to, for example, Assemble and Link:

MASM $f;
LINK $p$n.obj;

The COMPILE.CL file may be placed in the current directory, in a
directory on listed in E4PATH, on in the editor directory (when
executed directly by E4).

Refer to the supplied COMPILE.CL for more examples.

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