Category : Word Processors
Archive   : DUBLTK16.ZIP
Filename : 2INDENT.FIL

Output of file : 2INDENT.FIL contained in archive : DUBLTK16.ZIP

File with Indent 2

(This file has randox x's scattered to allow you to find
| differences between this file and 4indent.fil)
NOTE: If this is an error you found, then you do not have
BlankIgnore ON, Press [B], then [T]op of file and then press [*] again.

Compared lines show on the middxle screen lines for direct
comparison. |
NOTE: In HEX mode, use the [Left]/[Right] keys to move the cursor
in file 1 (or [Ctl-Left]/[Ctl-Right] if this file is loaded as file 2)
to re-align the files before searching for Next Mismatch.

>>> There is an only one blank line preceding, with 2 in 4INDENT.FIL<<<<
Press [Up-Arrow] twice to see.

Built-in directory routines allow you to select a file if you
don't enter the names on the command line. You can even
View a file in the directory to see if it's the correct
file, prior to loading it.
Wildcards (*) can be used for second filename for simplicity
(e.g., DT file.prg *.bak lxoads DT file.prg file.bak).
Choice of three scrolling modes: Parallel or Opposite or
Highlight modes for the two compared lines include: Normal,
Reverse video and Flashing.
Fully configurable options: Cxolors, Type of Scrolling,
Hex/ASCII Mode, etc.
Find Next Mismatch function key to locate the next spot where
the file lines differ. The search can be interrupted at
any time by pressing anxy key. The first mismatch found
is shown highlighted.
Hex mode shows any file (even binary) with option to display
non-printing chars (ASCII 1-31) axnd Graphics characters
(ASCII 128-255) or to show them as periods (similar to
Two Hex Modes to show a file in Dexbug style (24 characters on
a line) and in full 80 column mode.
WordStar(tm) mode to strip the high bits from characters
before displaying them. (Can be enxtered on command line
or toggled while viewing a file.
Ignore Leading Blanks function to allow comxparing files with
different indentations.
Help available at the press of [F1].
Configuration file presets can be saxved to disk.
Full DOS path support. DoubleTake will search your existing
path to find its configuration files.
Simple, intuitive file movement usixng the keypad and assorted
keys. Alternate keys are also available if you prefer
to use the Function Keys. You can scroll the files
independently or together.
Align function--at any time, yxou can bring one file up to the
location of the other file.
Print Screen toggle. To prevent accidental Print Screen,
PrtSc is toggled off at staxrtup. If you wish to print
any screen, you may toggle PrtSc back on at any time.
Zoom Feature--You can zoom either filxe up to full screen at
any time.
Single file view mode available fxrom the command line.
EGA/VGA supported
-- will use any number of lines found
-- invoke the 43/50 line moxde from the command line.
-- toggle betwxeen 25 and 43/50 line modes while viewing
Shell to DOS capability allows you to return to the exact
spot in DoxubleTake.