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The first step to setting up the DRS for Deltek Report
Distribution is deciding on which reports you wish to handle
on-line. You must then assign a filename for each report that
you have chosen. For instance the Job Status Report can be
called JOBSTAT.SPL. Deltek does not allow you to choose the
file extension; it will always use .SPL. Once you have
decided which reports you wish to use, follow the
instructions in the SETUP documentation to install DRS and
setup the DRS index file.

To actually create the reports on disk for DRS use, run Deltek
as you normally would. When Deltek gives you your print
options, choose F for File. Deltek will then prompt you for
the filename. Enter the filename for the first report. Use
the normal Deltek options to print the report (note: nothing
will actually print, because you instructed Deltek to print
to a disk file). When you are finished with the first report,
press F7 to get your spool options again. Choose F for File
again, and enter the filename for your second report.
Continue until you have printed all the reports.

After you have printed the reports to disk files you are
ready to copy the files to their destination directory. If
you have installed DRS in your DELTEK data directory you can
skip this step, otherwise to copy the files to the DRS
directory, exit to DOS and copy all the .SPL files you
created from the DELTEK directory to their destination
directory using the DOS copy command. Information on the DOS
copy command can be found in your DOS manual.

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Archive   : DRS11.ZIP
Filename : DELTEK.DOC

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