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Replace tabs with spaces in any file.
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Replace tabs with spaces in any file.
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Contents of the DETAB.DOC file

detab is a general purpose filter for de-tab-er. It replaces tabs with a
variable number of spaces. The default value is 4, but this value can be
easily changed on the command line. >>>It is written as a DOS filter.

Sample calls would look like

detab < infile > outfile ;; will "copy" infile to outfile with
;; the default tab value.

detab 2 < infile > outfile ;; Will do the same thing except it will
;; use a value of 2 for the tabs stops

detab 3 < infile ;; Will replace the tabs using a value of
;; 3. The output will go to the console.

To make this document "look" right

detab 8 < detab.doc

This was written to answer a minor problem of moving files between two
different people using two different editors with different tab stops.

Have fun...


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