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Hypertext file viewer, supports networks.

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Dart. "Hypertext file viewer." Modern desktop
environment. Network compatible. View text or
ANSI graphics, edit forms, launch programs.
Automatic table and index of contents.
Conventional and one-pass search. EGA/VGA
mode. 196K, color, monochrome, or LCD.

Member, Digital Publishing Association

205 854-1660 (BBS)

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Category Word Processors
Hypertext file viewer, supports networks.
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Contents of the DART.TXT file


Dart is a hypertext file viewer and program launcher. It
is designed for people wishing to publish material on-disk,
for network, commercial, or personal use. It can be used to
view any text file or run any DOS program, memory permitting.
Special features are available to people formatting texts for
Dart, but no type of "programming" is required.

Desktop environment

Dart offers a modern "desktop" environment featuring:
Multiple, overlapping windows. Mouse support, menus,
dialogs, input boxes, scroll bars. Complete save and restore
of desktop.

Navigation features

Dart's navigation features include: Scroll forward or
backward by line, screen, or label. Hypertext table and
index of contents. Conventional and one-pass Global text
search. Automatic backtracking. Built-in note editor.
Automatic, multi-user form editor.

Authoring features

Dart's features for authors include: Conventional ASCII
format. Automatic table and index of contents. Optional
"bold" and "underscore" text attributes. Optional, one-way
text compression to secure your data and save disk-space.
Royalty-free distribution of Dart with your text.

Minimum requirements

IBM-type PC. 196K of available memory. One floppy disk drive.
MS dos 2.1 or later. Color or monochrome monitor.

How to order

Dart is a copyrighted program being distributed as shareware.
To register Dart, send $34.00 to UserWare, 4 Falcon Ln E,
Fairport NY 14450-3312. In return, you will receive a
"personalized" copy of Dart, electronic publishing infokits,
and an automatic upgrade. All UserWare products carry a 60-day
money-back guarantee.

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