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Converts text files between format and format.
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Converts text files between format and format.
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Contents of the CRLF.DOC file

crlf - Convert text files between format and format.

crlf [-r -]

Crlf converts text file formats. MS-DOS uses a format that marks the end
of a line with two characters, . Unix uses a format with only
. Sometimes this difference can cause normally well-behaved programs
to fail. Use crlf to convert between these two formats.

-rReverse the type of conversion. Default is to convert to
format. The -r option causes the conversion to be
to format.
-The next argument is a file name. Useful when the file name
begins with a dash.

crlf unixfile >dosfile
crlf -r dosfile >unixfile
0: normal return
1: unknown option
2: bad number of arguments
3: file opening error

This program was written by Steve Creps. All rights are reserved, but the
source and executable may be freely copied for personal use.

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