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All versions of COPYR, including version 7.7, are not public
domain software, nor are they free software.

COPYR is copyright (c) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 by Joseph Baechtel.

Non-registered users are granted a limited license to use COPYR
on a trial basis for the purpose of determining whether COPYR is
suitable for their needs. Use of COPYR, except for this limited
purpose, requires registration. Use of non-registered copies of
COPYR by any person, business, corporation, governmental agency
or other entity institution is strictly forbidden.

Registration permits a user the license to use COPYR only on a
single computer; a registered user may use the program on a
different computer, but may not use the program on more than one
computer at the same time.

No user may modify COPYR in any way, including but not limited to
decompiling, disassembling or otherwise reverse engineering the

All users are granted a limited license to copy COPYR only for
the trial use of others subject to the above limitations, and
also the following:

COPYR must be copied in unmodified form, complete with the
file containing this license information.

The full COPYR documentation must be included with the copy.

No fee, charge or other compensation may be accepted or
requested by any licensee.

COPYR may not be distributed in conjunction with any other

Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) may post
COPYR for downloading by their users only as long as the above
conditions are met.

Distributors of public domain or user supported software may
distribute copies of COPYR subject to the above conditions only
after obtaining written permission. Such permission usually is
granted; please write for details.

See the Ordering section for more information on registration,
corporate licensing and similar topics.


A COPYR registration licenses you to use the product on a regular
basis. Registration includes mailed notification of updates.

Individual registrations for COPYR come in three forms. The
first, registration only, costs $25 and assume you have already
received a copy of the program from whatever source. We do not
provide diskettes or manuals. The registration fee covers the
use of the program. For $35 we offer a combination
registration/diskette package. The diskette includes the latest
version of the program, its' documentation and some supporting
sample files. We also offer the works!, which adds a printed,
bound manual to the registration and diskette. Copies of the
works! are available for $50.

Please use the enclosed order form when placing an order.

Corporate and Quantity Purchases

All corporate, business, government or other commercial users of
COPYR must be registered. We offer quantity discounts starting
at the eleventh copy. Corporate or site licensing is also

For single unit orders, use the enclosed order form. We accept
purchase orders in amounts over $100 only. All other orders
should be prepaid.

Orders in quantities of less than 25 units are handled as bulk
purchases. We can provide either registration/disk combo or the
works!. Purchases of over 25 units may be handled as quantity
purchases or as corporate licensing agreements. Licensing
agreements allow duplication and distribution of specific numbers
of copies within the licensed institution. Duplication of
multiple copies is not allowed except through execution of a
licensing agreement. Please write or call for details.

The quantity purchase discounts are as follows:

0-10 copies: no discount
11-25 copies: 15% discount
26-50 copies: 20% discount
51-100 copies: 25% discount

Discounts are not cumulative; they apply to single orders of like
products only. Unit prices are the same as for individual users.


COPYR SHIP TO: ___________________________________
105 Hedgewood Drive
Greenbelt, MD 20770 ___________________________________



TELEPHONE: (_________) _________ - ___________

Registration Only 25.00
Combo Registration/Disk 35.00
The Works! Reg./Disk/Man. 50.00

Sub Total _______________

MD Residents add 5% Sales Tax _______________

Total _______________

Check One:
______ 3 1/2 inch IBM format diskette

______ 5 1/4 inch IBM format diskette


Method of Payment ______ Check ______ Money Order ______ P/O

Purchase Orders over $100 are accepted from most companies,
governmental agencies and schools. The Terms are NET 30 Days.

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