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Horstmann Software Design
P.O. Box 4544
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Copyright (C) Horstmann Software Design 1985


0. A Message from the Sponsor
1. General information
2. The CHIWRITER Editor
3. Compatibility with Other Programs

0. A Message from the Sponsor.

CHIWRITER is a multifont word processor supporting up to 10 fonts and
250 super/subscript levels per line. It is truly "what you see is what you
get" and extremely easy to use. It works with a variety of printers and can
produce both fast draft and high resolution printing.

The CHIWRITER program on this disk is idnetical with the full version,
except for the commercial that is shown at the beginning and periodically
during operation. We realize that the commercial is a pain in the neck.
However, if you do use CHIWRITER extensively, we feel it is fair to ask you to
buy the regular version.

This program is distributed under the PIRATEWARE scheme. You can make as many
copies of this disk as you like and give them to anyone else as long as there
is no charge for the copy. If you like the program and would like to receive a
version without the annoying commercial at startup and with more supported
printers, as well as a complete user manual, the font designer and the
opportunity to obtain updates, support for other hardware and more fonts, you
can purchase the CHIWRITER system from Horstmann Software Design.

We hope you enjoy using CHIWRITER and find it useful for your work! Please
send us your comments and suggestions so that we can continue improving this

1. General Information

Minimum Configuration

IBM PC or Compatible
Supported Graphics Board
Supported Printer
256 K RAM Memory
1 Floppy Drive

Supported printers:

Epson MX/FX 80 and Compatible
IBM Graphics Printer
IBM Proprinter
C. Itoh 8520 Prowriter
Okidata ML 92/93/192
Epson LQ 1500
Gemini 10X/15X
Toshiba 1340/1351 (addt'l charge)
HP Laserjet (addt'l charge, 1/86)

More printers are continually added. Write for current list.

Supported Graphics Board

IBM Graphics Board
Hercules Monochrome Board (addt'l charge)
EGA with Monochrome Monitor (addt'l charge, 1/86)

P r i c e L i s t

CHIWRITER System $69.95
includes the CHIWRITER program without a
"commercial message" and a complete user manual,
support for many printers and a font designer
TOSHIBA support $19.95 @
HERCULES Monochrome Board Support $19.95 @
EGA High Resolution Support $19.95 @
HP Laser Jet / Laser Jet Plus support $49.95 @
FONT PACK I $19.95 @
PROGRAM UPDATE to newest version $ 9.95 @
MANUAL, current version $19.95 @
PIRATEWARE disk $ 9.95

@ Order must include purchase of the CHIWRITER system or your
CHIWRITER serial number

Add $5.00 shipping and handling to each order.
Michigan residents add 4% sales tax.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please mail orders to:

Horstmann Software Design
P.O. Box 4544
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

2. The CHIWRITER Editor

This system comes set up for the IBM Graphics board and the EPSON MX 80 or
compatible printer. CHIWRITER does not work with a monochrome board.

To change the printer, run CONFIG and select your printer. This disk only
contains drivers for a few popular printer, whereas the regular version
includes support for many more low-cost printers (contact us for most recent

To start the editor, type


The default filename extension is .CHI. The default drive is A:. If you need
to override these defaults, specify explicit extensions, drive and path names.
You should go through the lesson on TUTORIAL.CHI to become acquainted with the
editing commands. Only the commands essential to get you started are
introduced there. Some commands work under more general circumstances than
described in the tutorial.

To run the tutorial lesson, type


To see a sample file with some math and tables, type


Use [PgUp], [PgDn] to page through it. Use [Esc] to get out of edit mode.
Select the P option from the main menu to print it. You have the choice
between 3 print modes. Draft is the fasted, whereas slow uses double-density
fonts. Regular uses enhanced or correspondence-quality characters for somewhat
better appearance at reasonable speed. If you have only 256 K RAM, don't print
draft/regular and slow at the same time--the fonts may not all fit

When in edit mode, you can activate the Help feature by hitting [Alt-H]. Also,
[Fn] [Alt-H] shows a keyboard chart of font n.

The SYMBOL font contains line elements to construct tables. They are used in
the sample table in DEMO.CHI. Consult the User Manual for the logic behind the
key assignments in this font as well as in Math II.

Many aspects of the CHIWRITER system can be customized, e.g. headers and
footers, default document directory, startup parameter values (insert
mode, tab stops, fonts etc...), key sequences. Use the Save Parameter
option to save the current settings of all parameters. If you want to make
the change permanent, save them as DEFAULT.PAR and they will be reloaded
next time CHIWRITER is started. Alternatively, you may want to have
parameter files for special jobs, e.g. one for typing letters with your
adress as header for page 1 and only fonts #1...#4 loaded. (To remove a
font, select Change Fonts from the main menu, select the font number and
hit [Return] when prompted for the new name.) Save the parameter settings
as LETTER.PAR, and when typing a letter, start CHIWRITER with


CHIWRITER can edit plain ASCII files (like batch files, CHIWRITER
parameter files etc...). Load and save them as ASCII files from the main

You can design your own headers and footers, e.g different ones for
even/odd pages, but suppressed for page 1. Use the Edit Header command
from the main menu. There are headers for pages 1 ... 9, even and odd
pages and for all pages. When editing a header or footer, [Ctrl-P] inserts
a page counter that is replaced by the current page number at printout.
To save your headers/footers, use the parameter save mechanism.

3. Compatibility with Other Programs

All CHIWRITER programs run under DOS 1.1 and higher. Under DOS 2.1 and
higher, path names are fully supported.

All CHIWRITER programs work with Prokey and similar keyboard enhancers.

Since .CHI files are ASCII files (with the convention that 2 letter
sequences starting with a \ have special meanings), the CHIWRITER editor
can read plain ASCII files, and spelling checkers can read .CHI files.

We recommend the MicroSpell spelling checker from

Trigram Systems
3 Bayard Rd. #66
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

It accepts CHIWRITER (as well as WordStar etc.) files without problems.
It is very pleasant to use and very fast. Note: When using Microspell,
change the character used to flag words that change in size to an accent
grave (`) or other convenient character, but do not use a \.

CHIWRITER can read WordStar files. Before sending them, reformat them with a
ragged right margin and single-spaced. Do not change them to non-document
mode. Then read them in with CHIWRITER (e.g. CW C:\WORDSTAR\FLATHEAD.TXT)
as ASCII files. Read in files from other word processors as DOCUMENT files.

If you have FONTRIX, you can use their font editor to edit and design
CHIWRITER fonts. The full CHIWRITER system contains a font designer that is
more flexible than the FONTRIX editor.

The HP Support will contain a program that can download CHIWRITER fonts
into the HP LaserJet Plus.

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