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Case Conversion program (upper, lower or mixed) for ASCII text files.
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Case Conversion program (upper, lower or mixed) for ASCII text files.
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Contents of the CASER.DOC file

15 May 1991

The documentation for this program is on the opening screen
if you type CASER at the DOS prompt. Here is a copy of of
that screen:

This program was written for those people who need to conveniently
convert text files to upper case, lower case or mixed case. Right
now, this program does exactly what I need it to do, but I'd gladly
add any enhancements which will benefit others.

This program requires you to provide a source filename. If you
can't remember the filename, just depress the RETURN key when
prompted for a filename and a file pick list is displayed for you.
Use the cursor keys, letter keys or paging keys to move the hilite
bar to the desired filename and depress the RETURN key.

This program also needs a file for the converted text. You'll be
prompted for a target filename; if you just depress the RETURN key,
the default filename "WORK.$$$" is used.

You may also use the DOS Command Line, as in:
C:> CASER srcefile.ext targfile.ext

Warren E. Fuller
1211 Holmewood Drive
Pasadena, Md. 21122
(301) 360-2506 OPUS BBS

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