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Convert text to all upper or lower case.
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Convert text to all upper or lower case.
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Contents of the CASEIT.DOC file

CASEIT v1.00

Text File Case Converter

Douglas J. Amaral

Empire Software
845 Paularino #D215
Costa Mesa CA, 92626

October 3, 1990

This program and associated documentation are the property of
Empire Software and may not be sold without permission. They may
be freely distributed unaltered via electronic bulletin board
systems. Permission to distribute on diskette or in any other
manner must be obtained in writing.

Empire Software does not guarantee the program to be free from defects
and may not be held responsible for loss caused by such. Your use
of this program constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

CASEIT is not freeware nor public domain. Empire Software is allowing
you, the consumer, to test CASEIT for 30 days with no obligation.
If after using the product for 30 days and you find that CASEIT is a
useful utility then you are expected to register with Empire Software.
The registration is $10. To learn of the benifits of registration, see

Empire Software thanks you for trying out CASEIT, our first
shareware release. The reason I wrote this utility was to convert
some of my .ASM code to all uppercase, It makes it real easy to read
and deal with.

CASEIT has a very simple commandline:


Options are, of course, optional and include the following.

-u ---> Convert all text to Uppercase.
-l ---> Convert all text to Lowercase.


Convert all of my .ASM files to Uppercase. The output filename cannot
be the same as the input. So lets give them an extension of .TXT.


Simple as that. CASEIT has the ability to create output filenames from
the source filename. In this last example the wildcard character
(* in *.TXT) is correctly replaced with the filename of the file that
was read. CASEIT can also be given a wildcard character for the extension.
For Example

Convert all of my JOB.* files to JOB1.* to lowercase.


Thats all folks and remember to please register this product and send
me your suggestions for enhancements to this product and ideas for new


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and packs a lot of power for the punch. PEEK offers 15-25%
FASTER SEARCH than any other program of this type that I have used.
PEEK also supports multiple strings and multiple filesets. Also
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