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Tutorial on how to set up Brief to work with Telix SALT scripts.
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Tutorial on how to set up Brief to work with Telix SALT scripts.
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How to make Brief work properly with Telix 3.0 .SLT files and CS.EXE

By Jon Fleming (BIXname jfleming)
with some help from Dave Nanian of Underware.

Tested with Brief v2.1 and Telix v 3.00; older versions of
Brief may differ slightly.

Brief can be used to edit SALT files with either smart or
template editing. To do so:

1. For template editing, set "c,slt:t" (or "slt:t" if you
don't do C) in the BPACKAGES environment variable. Brief's
SETUP will do this for you in the Filename Extensions
section. For smart editing, set "c,slt:s" as above.

2. In the file INDENT.M, make copies of the macros
".c_smart_first" and ".c_template_first", and change the
names of the copies to ".slt_smart_first" and
".slt_template_first". Compile INDENT.M.

3. In the file KEYBOARD.H, find the statement that starts
out '(autoload "indent" ".c_smart_first" . . .'. Add
".slt_template_first" and ".slt_smart_first" to this
statement, and write the file to disk.

4. Compile STARTUP.M (which "#includes" keyboard.h).

Now, Brief will handle .SLT files just like .C files!

To compile within Brief is even simpler. Add the following
to your environment setup for Brief:

set bcslt="cs %%s"

(Brief's SETUP will also do this for you in the file
extensions section). Now pressing while editing a
.SLT file automatically invokes CS.EXE.

(NOTE: this may not work unless either CS.EXE is on the path
or it is in the curent default directory. If you have
problems with this, try

set bcslt="c:\telix\scripts\cs %%s"

or whatever path CS is on).

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