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Copyright (c) Kevin Solway, 1989-1993

Kevin Solway
PO Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067

BREEZE is an easy to use word processor/text editor that
does everything you ever wanted of a text processing program,
and more! This program has been designed with one thing in
mind... PLEASURE. You will find the simplicity of BREEZE a
breath of fresh air compared to the oppressive and boring

Features: pop-up hypertext help system, attractive
multi-menu environment, text to .EXE converter (converts
documents into self-displaying executable programs with menus,
printing and text search features), multi-windows/files
(multi-edit), clipboard, file selection menu, exploding windows,
handles giant files, RAM dictionary for fast spelling checks of
whole documents or as you type, create your own personal
dictionary if you wish, print spooling (lets you print and edit
at the same time, saving hours of time), mail-merge/form
letters, scientific calculator, ascii table, analyze text
readability, sort paragraphs or lines, statistical analysis,
pick list of recent files, mouse supported, fully configurable,
automatic line and box drawing, fast find and replace, text
styles, word wrapping, auto paragraph reformatting, autoindent,
autosave, restore line function (undo), columns, comprehensive
print options, menu operated printer control, full block
operations including column blocks, powerful macro functions,
index words, operate in condensed line mode on EGA and VGA
systems, DOS shell, insert date into text, centre line, execute
other programs and any DOS commands from within the editor, go
to line and page functions, set place marker, duplicate lines,
auto screen save.

Minimum requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 394K RAM, monochrome
monitor, one floppy disk drive.

* Note: The mail merge and graphical print preview facilities
are not enabled in the unregistered version of the program in
order to fit Breeze on a single distribution disk. However,
all the essential features are fully operational.


What reviewers have said about BREEZE:

"Breeze is one of the most refreshing new programs I've come
across in a while. Breeze is easy to use, lightning fast, and
has some great features - word processor or text editor. In
fact, anyone who uses a laptop, a PC without a hard drive or,
like me, often needs to use a program that's quick and easy to
write with - without the frills - should take a look at Breeze."

Geoff Long, Australian PC World

"If you want a word processor which you can operate straight
'out of the box', choose Breeze. If you want a program which
has all the tools you need for writing, such as a spell-checker
and style analyser, choose Breeze. If you like a colourful,
good-looking screen with on-line help, choose Breeze."

Laurie Malone, Sixteen Bits

"I guess the word that comes to mind when I see Breeze is
'clean'. Combine the clean look with a couple of unique
features, and Breeze is easy to use and very handy for special

Chuck Botsford, Shareware Magazine


Other Information:

Name: BREEZE Text processor
Version: 5.0
Category: Text Editors or Word Processors
Registration: A$40 (Australian dollars in Australia)
US$35 (outside Australia).
Registered users also receive a bonus disk full
of utility programs they can use with Breeze.
Requirements: 360K Floppy or Hard Drive, 384K RAM, DOS 2.1
Author: Kevin Solway
Address: P.O. Box 207
St Lucia 4067
Telephone: (07) 844 5690



See BRZUPDAT.DOC for a full listing of changes made in recent



README.1ST For quick start.

BREEZE.EXE The main program.

BRZMAN.EXE The user manual program (documentation).

REGISTER.DOC Registration form to use when paying for
your copy of BREEZE, or for ordering
upgrades. You can print this file from
within BREEZE or using the DOS Print

BRZEXMPL.DOC A brief document showing how to use some
of the special features of BREEZE.

BRZPRINT.EXE: Printer configuration program

BRZUTS50.EXE An self-extracting compressed file which
contains the following files:

BREEZE.HLP : The on-line help file.
BREEZE.DCT : The dictionary file.
BREEZE.DAT : Data file required when
creating .EXE files.
COLOURS.EXE : To be distributed with
the text viewer programs
you create with BREEZE.

VENDOR.DOC This file. Brief description of BREEZE.

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