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************************ LICENCE/REGISTRATION *************************

* You can print this order form from inside BREEZE or by using
either the DOS copy command or the type command (copy register.frm
prn, or type register.frm >prn). Make sure your printer is on and
on-line before you issue these DOS commands.

BREEZE is NOT public domain or free software, but is being
distributed as "shareware".

BREEZE is copyright (C) 1989-1993 by Kevin Solway.

* When you register you will receive the new version of BREEZE,
along with a special BONUS diskette full of extra programs you can
use with BREEZE.

* Your registered copy will have the graphical text print previewer
function ENABLED. This will allow you to get a rough idea what
your printout will look like on the page before you actual go to
the trouble of printing your work. (EGA or VGA required)

* Your registered copy will include the program BRZMERGE.EXE - a
database maker for use in mail-merge/form letters.

PLEASE NOTE: I would have liked to have made the graphical
print previewer and mail-merge functions available to you in
the shareware evaluation copy, but I could not fit the
necessary files on the distribution disk.

* Share your registered copy of BREEZE with your friends. For each
person who registers their copy, quoting your name and
registration number, you will receive a FREE upgrade of BREEZE
when it becomes available. (Your name and reg no. will be
displayed on the title screen of your registered copy).

* As a registered user you will be eligible for upgrades for only $10

You are encouraged to make an evaluation copy of BREEZE for trial
use on a private, non-commercial basis, to determine whether
BREEZE is suitable for your needs. If you decide to use BREEZE
then you are requested to become a registered user. Registration
will enable me to provide you with support and updates as they
become available. Please register using the form below.

If you wish to distribute text viewing programs made with BREEZE
you are also required to become a registered user.

A BREEZE registration entitles you to use the program on any and
all computers available to you, with the following restriction:
If other people have access to this program or may use it, then
you should purchase a site license (see further information
on site licences below).

Individual registrations for BREEZE costs $40 (Australian
dollars in Australia) or US$35 (American dollars outside
Australia) plus postage. When received, I will send you the
latest BREEZE diskette, with documentation on the disk. If you
are in AMERICA then cheques in American dollars or postal orders
are accepted.

If you are in the UNITED KINGDOM you may send a cheque or
international postal money order in English pounds.

Upgrades can be purchased for only $8.

Educational institutions, full-time students and BBS sysops can
apply a 20% discount to all prices. Please include your
educational institution letterhead (with your title), or a
photocopy of your most recent registration slip, or the name and
number of your BBS along with any other relevant information.

Remit to: Kevin Solway
P.O Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067

BREEZE version 5.0

I offer special prices/discounts on quantity orders, multiple-user
licenses, and dealer pricing. Contact me for details.

____ BREEZE v5.0 Registration
............... in Australia, @ A$ 40.00 ea
............ outside Australia. @ US$ 35.00 ea $ ______

(Includes latest version of the program diskette, with
documentation on the disk, plus a special BONUS diskette
full of useful programs, including a shareware copy of a
thesaurus that works from within Breeze.)

If your copy is currently registered to somebody else, quote
their name and registration number to enable them to obtain
a free upgrade. Their name. __________________
Their registration no. _______ (see title screen)

____ UPGRADE ONLY (for registered users only) ... @ $ 8.00 $ ______
Your registration no. ________

____ Send me a copy of CONTROL 3 the super file manager
that controls up to three drives/directories
on screen at the same time. .............. @ $ 15.00 ea $ ______

____ Send me a copy of POWER WORDS: over 5000 quotes at
your fingertips - fast! Includes "Wit for wisdom" -
a compilation of the most incisive wit. ... @ $ 10.00 ea $ ______

____ Send me a copy of BIGTEXT: which can convert big
text files of up to 600k or more into executable
self-displaying text programs that fit on a 360k
disk. With menus, searching and printing. Great for
books, catalogues, reports and manuals. ... @ $ 25.00 ea $ ______

____ Send me a copy of POISON FOR THE HEART: Dangerous
thoughts for thinkers, written in an aphoristic
style for those who don't like to waste their
time with padding. ...................... @ $ 5.00 ea $ ______

____ Send me a copy of VENOM CRYSTALS: A compilation
of the very best spiritual/philosophical writings
of all time. ............................. @ $ 3.00 ea $ ______

____ Send me a copy of THE LOVE BASE: A compilation
of over 280 of the best ever love poems - for
the romantic and the idealist. ........... @ $ 5.00 ea $ ______

____ Send me a copy of WOMAN: A compilation of the very
best (and most dangerous) writings on the subject
of woman and the relationship between the sexes.
Incredibly interesting if I say so myself.. @ $ 5.00 ea $ ______

Postage, prepaid:
____ Australia ................................ @ $ 3.00 $ ______

____ Overseas .................................. @ $ 5.00 $ ______

Total $ $ ______

Payment by: ( ) Cheque Postal order No. ______________

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Company (if purchase is for company use):____________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

: ____________________________________________________________

: ____________________________________________________________

Day Phone: _________________________ Eve: ___________________________

Please tick which diskette drives you have on your computer:
5 1/4" 360k drive [ ] 3 1/2" 720k drive [ ]
5 1/4" 1.2 Mb drive [ ] 3 1/2" 1.4 Mb drive [ ]

------------------------ User comments ------------------------------

I acquired BREEZE v5.0 from

[ ] - Friend
[ ] - Computer Club (name)___________________________________
[ ] - Computer Store (name)__________________________________
[ ] - Data Base Service (name)_______________________________
[ ] - Electronic BBS (name)__________________________________
[ ] - Shareware distributor (name)___________________________
[ ] - Other - Please Specify ________________________________

I would also appreciate any input you would care to give concerning
BREEZE. If you have any ideas or comments that would make BREEZE a better
program, then please let me know.

Comments and/or suggestions:











This program is provided AS IS without warranty, expressed or


Corporate site licensing agreements allow duplication and
distribution of specific numbers of copies within the licensed
institution. Duplication of multiple copies is not allowed
except through execution of a licensing agreement. Site license
fees are based upon estimated number of users.

Note that with a site license, only one copy of the program will
be sent. You will be responsible for distributing additional

Please contact me for more information.

Discounts are not cumulative; they apply to single orders of
like products only. Unit prices are the same as for individual


Please direct all inquiries to:

Kevin Solway
P.O Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067


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