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³ ³
³ TO ³
³ ³ BREEZE! ³ ³
³ ³
³ Word processor / Text Editor ³
³ ³

³ Copyright (c) Kevin Solway, 1989-93 ³

NOTE: This program is not free, but is being distributed on
the "shareware", try-before-you-buy principle. To become a
registered user of BREEZE, you need to fill-out the
accompanying registration form and send it to:

Kevin Solway
PO Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067

³ A word about user supported software: ³

The user supported software concept (usually referred to as
shareware) is an attempt to provide software at low cost. The
cost of offering a new product by conventional means is
staggering, and hence dissuades many independent authors and
small companies from developing and promoting their ideas. User
supported software is an attempt to develop a new marketing
channel, where products can be introduced at low cost.

If user supported software works, then everyone will benefit.
The user will benefit by receiving quality products at low cost,
and by being able to "test drive" software thoroughly before
purchasing it. The author benefits by being able to enter the
commercial software arena without first needing large sources of
venture capital.

But it can only work with your support. We're not just talking
about BREEZE here, but about all user supported software. If
you find that you are still using a program after a couple of
weeks, then pretty obviously it is worth something to you, and
you should send in a contribution.

* Note: The mail merge and graphical print preview facilities
are not enabled in the unregistered version of the program
in order to fit Breeze on a single distribution disk. However,
all the essential features are fully operational.


You should have the following files on the distribution

README.1ST This document.

BREEZE.EXE The main program.

BRZMAN.EXE The user manual program (documentation).
Execute this program like a normal program
and then either scroll through the text or
use the menus for fast access to specific
parts of the manual.

REGISTER.DOC Registration form to use when paying for
your copy of BREEZE, and for ordering
upgrades. You can print this file from
within BREEZE or by using the DOS Print

BRZEXMPL.DOC A brief document showing how to use some
of the special functions of BREEZE.

BRZPRINT.EXE Printer configuration program.

COLOURS.EXE : To be distributed with the text viewer
programs you create with BREEZE.

BRZUTS50.EXE An self-extracting compressed file which
contains the following files:

BREEZE.HLP: The on-line help file.
BREEZE.DCT: The dictionary file.
BREEZE.DAT: Data file required when
creating .EXE files.

VENDOR.DOC A brief description of BREEZE.

To start-up BREEZE immediately, all you need do is type
BREEZE from the DOS prompt, and then press the Enter key. When
you are prompted with the opening screen, read it, and then
press any key to be prompted for the name of a file to edit.
Press escape if you want to edit a new document.

ÚÄÄÄ Some basic editing keys to start with: ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
³ ³
³ Arrows: move one character up, down, left, or right. ³
³ Ctrl-right arrow: move one word to the right. ³
³ Ctrl-left arrow: move one word to the left. ³
³ Enter/Return: move to next line, or move to next line and ³
³ insert a new line (if insert mode is on). ³
³ Ins key: toggles between insert mode and overwrite mode. ³
³ Home: pressed once, moves cursor to first character in line. ³
³ pressed twice, moves to left margin, if set. ³
³ pressed three times, moves to first column. ³
³ End: moves to end of line. ³
³ Ctrl-Home: move cursor to the top of the screen. ³
³ Ctrl-End: move cursor to the bottom of the screen. ³
³ PgDn: moves one page down. ³
³ PgUp: moves one page up. ³
³ Ctrl-PgDn: moves to the end of the document. ³
³ Ctrl-PgUp: moves to the start of the document. ³
³ ³

To use the on-line help, the dictionary, or the text to .EXE
converter, you will need to extract these files from the
compressed file BRZUTS50.EXE. To extract these files you simply
execute the file as you would a normal program, by typing its
name, and then pressing the Enter key. But you must ensure
there is enough space on your disk for the uncompressed files to
fit. If you want to extract these files from a floppy disk in
Drive A: to Drive B: you would log onto Drive B: and type


(As the files will be uncompressed into the
default directory, in this case B:)

Similarly, to extract these files from a floppy disk in
Drive A: to Drive C: you would log onto Drive C: and type



On-line help is available at all times by pressing the F1
key. If the BREEZE.HLP file is not available, then make sure
you have extracted it from the BRZUTS50.EXE file by following
the above instructions.

Press F10 to see the main menu, and look through the various
sub-options. You can position the highlight bar on any of the
sub-options from the main menu, and press F1 to get specific
help on any individual item.

If you hold down the Ctrl key or the Alt key for a couple of
seconds a display will appear at the bottom of the screen
prompting you with all the functions available under that key.

³ ³
³ For detailed information on any feature, consult the ³
³ ³
³ manual program, BRZMAN.EXE ³
³ ³

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And six computer books:

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about women, and learn all it is unwise to know about them. You
are presented with a selection of astounding quotes about women,
along with exceptional writings from Kierkegaard, Nietzsche,
Schopenhauer, and Freud. There are also memorable writings from
the Buddhist and Hindu philosophers.

Kevin Solway
PO Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067

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