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A primer

What is DOS?

DOS is shorthand for Disk Operating System. DOS is the
go-between for the transactions between you and the computer.
DOS works in the background taking care of the menial computer
tasks you wouldn't want to have to think about.

Some DOS commands

You can give commands to DOS by typing commands at the DOS
command line; in other words, immediately after the DOS prompt.
Your DOS prompt probably looks like one of the following:


The capital letter refers to the active disk drive. If the
prompt is A> then the commands you give DOS will refer to that
drive. When you want to switch to another disk, making it the
active disk, all you do is type the letter of the disk, followed
by a colon and press ENTER. For example, to switch to drive B,
just type

B: (then press ENTER)

There are a few commands you will use often with DOS, if
you haven't already, such as:

DEL or ERASE To erase a file
DIR To see a list of files on the logged drive.
COPY To copy the files from one disk to another.

DOS doesn't care whether you type in uppercase or
lowercase letters, so you can enter your commands however you

I will assume you know how to use the first three
commands listed; if you don't, then refer to your DOS manual.
Next, I will explain the proper way to load a program like

How to load a program

If your distribution disk with the BREEZE.EXE program is
in drive A but the prompt you see on the screen is B>, DOS won't
know what your talking about if you type BREEZE and press Enter.
Instead of starting BREEZE, it will give you the message "Bad
command or file name", because it is searching in the wrong
place. So if you happen to get that DOS message, simply switch
to drive A by typing A: and then press Enter. Then type BREEZE
and press Enter to load BREEZE.


A directory is a convenient way to organize your floppy
and more particularly your hard disk drive files. It is a way
of grouping related files together under a common heading and in
the same place.

It would be convenient to keep all your BREEZE files on
one or two floppy disks, or on a hard drive you could hold them
all in a directory called BREEZE.

To make a directory for your BREEZE files on a hard disk
(assuming it is Drive C:), do the following:

1. At the C> prompt, type MKDIR BREEZE and press Enter.

2. Type CHDIR BREEZE and press Enter. This tells DOS to
move you into the BREEZE directory.

3. Now put the BREEZE distribution disk into drive A and
type COPY A:*.* and then press Enter. (The
asterisks are wildcards that stand for all files.)
This will copy all the files on the disk in drive A to
the directory BREEZE on drive C:

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