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 ******* BREEZE *******
(Word processor/text editor)

Version 5.0

This is an example text file to show you how to get the most
out of BREEZE. The unusual characters scattered around this
file are used in various special functions, and these are


The highlighting of the words at the top of this file is
achieved by inserting the special characters for boldfacing
(Shift-F5 to begin boldface and Shift-F6 to end boldface). The
corresponding keys to insert special characters for italics
are Shift-F7 and Shift-F8. Mark text to be underlined with the
Shift-F9 and Shift-F10 keys.

Turning your text into an executable file

You can easily turn the text you are currently reading into a
self-displaying executable program.

Note the line at the very top of the file starting with the
letter "p". This character indicates text to be used as a title
bar at the top of the screen, as well as to enable printing
permission when you turn this text into a self-displaying
executable file. To convert text into an executable program,
firstly load the document into BREEZE, then select the "Text to
.EXE" option in the Extras menu. The extras menu is reached
through the main menu. (Press the F10 key, or Esc, for the main
menu, then press "E" for Extras and then "E" again to create the
.EXE file). Note: the file BREEZE.DAT must be available for the
conversion to work. (BREEZE.DAT is contained in the compressed
file BRZUTS50.EXE on the distribution disk, and must be
uncompressed before it can be used).

If you want menus in the self displaying text program (for
instant access to certain portions of text), then you need to
create text that looks something like the following:


Select from the 1. Introduction (What is BREEZE?)
following or scroll 21. Go to first screen.
through the text 3. Trying out a few features.
at your leisure.

Notice the special character (ascii character number 15)
which appears after the menu option number - and after the style
character as it happens in this case). This special character
tells BREEZE to treat this text as a menu option when it creates
the .EXE file. To enter the special character, press Ctrl-Y,
then enter the number 15. The second option has a number 1
following the special menu character, meaning "go to line 1 when
the option number three is pressed". The other two options have
no such number, so the number is automatically determined by
BREEZE during the conversion process. In the case of option 1
BREEZE will search the document for text matching
"Introduction". The text it is searching for must be enclosed
in "< >" brackets. If this text is found then BREEZE will know
to go to that line when this menu option is selected.

BREEZE is an easy to use word processor/text editor that
does everything you ever wanted of an editor, and more! This
program has been designed with one thing in mind... PLEASURE.
You will find the simplicity of BREEZE a breath of fresh air
compared to the oppressive and boring alternatives.

Note: This is not a free program, but is being distributed
as "shareware". See the licence information below or the
accompanying registration file for registration. When you
register you will receive the new version of BREEZE, along with
a special BONUS diskette full of extra programs you can use with


Hold down the Ctrl key for a few seconds. At the bottom of
the screen you will see the functions available under the Ctrl
key. For example, Ctrl-T will insert the date into the text at
the cursor position.

Try the Alt key also.

Press the F1 key for more extensive on-line help. You can
move backwards and forwards through the help windows along any
line of interest.

If you have a mouse

Double clicking the left button will bring up the main menu.

Double clicking the right button will bring up the current
window list (choose desired window to work in).

Pressing the left button will mark the beginning of a block.

Pressing the right button will mark the end of the block.

- When you are in the main menu, or anywhere other than in
the main edit window, pressing the left button is the same as
pressing the return key (accept) and pressing the right button
is the same as pressing the escape key.

Disk space

Press the Alt-F2 key followed by Enter to see how much free
disk space you have available on the currently logged drive.


Mark blocks with F7 and F8, or mouse left button and mouse
right button (to mark the beginning and end of a block). Try
pressing Ctrl-U to analyze the text within that block. Text
analysis works best when used on reasonable quantities of text.

Drawing lines and boxes

Press F10 to bring up the main menu, then "E" for extras,
followed by "L" to select line drawing mode. Use the arrow keys
to draw lines, and press escape when you are finished. You can
lift the pen up and down with "/". Pressing "E" activates and
deactivates an eraser.

Centre a line

Place the cursor on a line of text and press Ctrl-N to
centre it between the margins.

Protect a paragraph from formatting

 This paragraph is protected from formatting because it has
the special character in front of the first line (Alt-F1).
This is specially useful for protecting tables of numbers
or stanzas of poetry from disruption during formatting of
a document.

Find text

Press Ctrl-F to find text in the document.

Repeat last find

Press Ctrl-L to repeat the last find.

Delete line

Press Ctrl-D to delete a line.

Insert a line

Simply pressing the Enter key inserts a line when insert
mode is on (large cursor). Press the Ins key to toggle between
insert and overwrite modes.

Column statistics

Do a statistical analysis on the following numbers.


Place the cursor touching the column of numbers and go to
the extras menu (from the main menu - F10) and select column
statistics to see the results.

Sort some names by surname

Jack Sullivan
Pauline Jackson
Philip Carter

Put the names above inside a block (press F7 to mark the
block beginning and F8 to mark the end of the block) then press
Alt-T followed by the number 2 to sort using the second word in
the line (that is, the surname).

A couple of print features

The following command will tell BREEZE to force the printer
to advance to a new page when printing.


The following command will tell BREEZE to print the file
REGISTER.DOC at this point, before proceeding with the printing
of the current file.


A simple example text using mail merge

* Note: mail merge available in registered version only.

*first name* *surname*
*no. and street*
*state* *postcode*

Hello my dearest friend *first name*,

I enclose a copy of BREEZE, a marvelous word processor/text
editor. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you find
it useful, and I'm sure that you will because it's got more
useful features than anything I know of, then please register
and send me some money.

Yours faithfully.

Kevin Solway

P.S Is your number still *phone*?






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