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TSR box making program for most wp prgms.
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TSR box making program for most wp prgms.
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POP-BOX Documentation

POP-BOX is Copyright (c) 1988, Doug Goldner

Version 1.0

You are allowed to use POP-BOX freely for 30 days at the end
of which time, if you have found POP-BOX useful and intend to continue
using it, I would appreciate a 25.00 registration fee. This fee
entitles you to use POP-BOX at one (1) site for as long as you live.
Also, you are allowed to freely distribute POP-BOX even before having
registered your copy. However, you can only charge others up to a 5.00
shipping and handling charge when distributing POP-BOX.

Other bulk licensing and site licensing agreements are available.
A source code license is also available.

Benefits of Licensing:
1. Your conscience is clean.
2. You give me incentive to continue and produce useful utilities.
3, You are fostering the growth of SHAREWARE through your support.
4. You are sent the latest release of POP-BOX (if there is a new
5. You will be notified of future releases of POP-BOX (and other
utilities by this author).

How to register your license:
Send a 25.00 (suggested minimum) registration fee to:
Doug Goldner
9006 S.W. 137 St. Apt F
Miami, FL 33176

Enough of this legal stuff! On with the DOC!

Activating POP-BOX:
To install POP-BOX, type BOX (tough huh?). You will see a
sign-on copyright screen informing you of the current version and
the hot key to use to activate POP-BOX (usually Alt-Left Shift-B).

To activate POP-BOX, press the hot key(s) (usually Alt-Left Shift-B).
If POP-BOX can not load at that time (you are in graphics mode or
in the middle of a DOS call) you will hear a short tone. Try again
when not in graphics mode or after the DOS call is completed.

Using POP-BOX:
When you are in your editor, bring up POP-BOX. You will be
presented with a menu bar. The choices are:

Draw Box - Allows you to use the arrow keys to draw a box
of any size.

Change Line Type - Allows you to change the type of line characters
used to draw the box. Pressing return on this
choice will cycle through the line types.

Export Box - This choice outputs your box into your editor at
your current cursor location in the editor.

Exit - Go back to your editor without exporting the box.

Unload POP-BOX - Removes POP-BOX from memory.

Use the left and right arrow to choose an item and the key
to select the highlighted choice.

Press the key when at the menu to exit back to your editor
without exporting the box (as if you chose EXIT from the menu bar).

And that's it! Easy huh?

If you encounter any problems using POP-BOX with any editors or
other TSR programs, or if you have suggestions for enhancements,
please forward them to me at the above address. I will try and
include all suggestions in future releases as much as possible.

More Legal Stuff:

This product uses the TesSeRact(TM) Ram-Resident Library and supports
the TesSeRact Standard for Ram-Resident Program Communication. For
information about TesSeRact, contact the TesSeRact Development Team

TesSeRact Development Team
c/o Chip Rabinowitz
2084 Woodlawn Avenue
Glenside, PA 19038

Compuserve: 70731,20
MCIMAIL: 315-5415

This MCIMAIL Account has been provided to the TesSeRact Development
Team by Borland International, Inc. The TesSeRact Development Team is
in no way associated with Borland International, Inc. TesSeRact is a
trademark of the TesSeRact Development Team.

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