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Two-sided printing for booklets.
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Two-sided printing for booklets.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOOKLET.COM 15872 11251 deflated
BOOKLET.DOC 21760 6028 deflated
README.1ST 3768 1400 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Booklet Package

The Booklet Package is contained in BOOKLET.ARC.

BOOKLET.ARC should include these files:
README.1ST ==> This file. Contains general information.
BOOKLET.DOC ==> A detailed operating manual for BOOKLET.
BOOKLET.COM ==> The program BOOKLET.

Distribution Notice

Booklet is distributed under the concept of USER SUPPORTED
SOFTWARE. User Supported Software is a distribution method to
bring quality software to users at the least cost possible. Under
this distribution concept Booklet is yours to freely use, copy and
share with other computer users. If, after evaluating Booklet,
you find it a program you use, a volunteer donation of about $5.00
would help to offset the cost of bringing Booklet to you. If you
use Booklet with out donating, you are not supporting the concept
that bought it to you and the concept of User Supported Software
will not survive. Donations should be sent directly to the author
Woodrow Smith
10908 Oleander Street
Fontana, Ca. 92335

Also please include your name and city and any comments or
suggestions for future versions of Booklet.
If Booklet has no use in your computer environment you are
still encouraged to copy and distribute Booklet to other computer
users. As Booklet is copyrighted, please observe the following
1) and Booklet.doc are distributed in unmodified
2) No charge be made for coping or distributing the Booklet
Package, except the cost of the diskette, handling, and/or
mailing charges.
3) Booklet, or any part of the Booklet Package, may not be
distributed as part of another software package, without
written agreement with the author, Woodrow Smith.
5) No group, organization or individual has the right to act
for the author as agent in the collection of donations,
fees or any other remuneration for the Booklet package or
any part there of, except by written agreement with the
6) By accepting and using the Booklet package the user accepts
all responsibilities and liabilities for any damage created
to files, loss of data or legal consequences resulting from
the use of Booklet.


Version numbers indicate what evolutionary copy of Booklet
you are running. Compare the version number of your copy to the
newer copies to discovr if any new features are available.
A changed left number indicate a major program feature has
been added. The middle number indicates a major reworking of an
existing feature. A changed right number indicates an minor

ver # changes
1.00 This is the original version of Booklet.
1.10 Now handles all embedded printer control codes, including
underlining, bold and double strike printing and sub/super
1.20 Corrects defect in checking for enough disk space.

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